Blackwing X


Speaking Truth To Obama (2009) #5

What a shame the U.S. of AmeriCo never learns
we are still paying off debts from Nam
now building up more debt and deficits in Iraq and Afghanistan
enslaving AmeriCo's peoples to pay for preemptive
and long drawn out dirty wars
as well as bailing out failed banks and corps
so fat cats on Wall street can take home big buck bonuses
and the government Senate Congress Republican
Democrat Independent receiving all kinds of slush funds
from lobbyists and P-A-Cs
huge sums of money for fulfilling unsavory favors and deeds...

AmeriCo We Had Enough Of Being Conned Speaking Truth To Power

Obama your feet got to be held to the fire
cause the world is fed up with AmeriCo's wars and occupations
and demand peace and justice now
not two four six eight ten years from now
now cause you got the power and prestige of the premier presidency
and it's as easy as a putting your pen-point to paper
with scribbling stroking signature
sign seal deliver a document ending the conflicts
raging in the Mid and Near-east...