Blackwing X


A Poetical Miscellany Regarding Jews, Zionism And Palestine

Jews who are very perturbed by the evils of Zionism
must not remain silent no more
it is simply disgraceful to let Zionists get away with occupation and murder
as well as jam their quite contrary philosophy into Judaism
philosophizing, Jews must have their own homeland
on the back of the Palestinian wo-man
is an outrageous foul notion
to a pious Jew's body, mind and soul...

The Subject Of Torture

Interrogators orders come from the top
the President or perhaps a premier puppeteer
and orders are given with two thumbs up
it's A-OK to inflict amazing amounts of brutal pain and punishment
whether electro-shocked or punched in the face
whether cracked over the head from a beating with a stick
or dislocating shoulders with extremity stress techniques
what kinds of information are they trying to obtain
as the drill tip spins and bites through the skull into the detainees brain?
or keeping the captive chained to an ice cold concrete floor
caged in a cell so dismal with no light day or night 2-4-7-3-6-5
it goes on until the desired information extracted
and interrogators thoroughly satisfied

Stop Military Aid To The Mightily Armed Israel

Make no mistake Obama
AmeriCo must stop military aid to Israel
among a myriad of reasons why it is reprehensible immoral
Israel is armed to the teeth and there happens to be
a perpetual intolerable situation Warsaw like Nazi occupation
going on in the West Bank and Gaza
where over four million people no different than you and me
forced to live drowning in a roiling sea of Israeli violence
as Palestinian Arabs endure hardship pain suffering every day of their lives
ground down under Israel's iron boot heels
these are a few giant reasons that stirs passions fuels uprisings Intifadas
most devastating suicide bombers and all out battles for freedom