Blackwing X

AmeriCo We Had Enough Of Being Conned Speaking Truth To Power

Obama your feet got to be held to the fire
cause the world is fed up with AmeriCo's wars and occupations
and demand peace and justice now
not two four six eight ten years from now
now cause you got the power and prestige of the premier presidency
and it's as easy as a putting your pen-point to paper
with scribbling stroking signature
sign seal deliver a document ending the conflicts
raging in the Mid and Near-east...

But as the world sadly knows far too many drones and marine clones
are sent off to blow up homes killing many many
innocent men women children
stirring up like a hornets nest of madder than ever Taliban
and angry as hell Pashtun clans by the millions
in Waziristan North-Western Pakistan they flee in terror
others have no choice but to stand fight and die
a brand new ugly mess made serving about a year in office
apparently hoopla vanished polls going down fast
there's more cause for alarm
for one must wonder what weird surprise coming next
out from far far far extremest right-wing Washington Inc. politics

At the current pace though another new war guaranteed
could be soon to come like preemption Iran
who fears mushroom clouds on their own blue horizon
coming from six decades of war and belligerence
meaningless UN condemnations and broken resolutions
against their feared anti-world nuclear criminal arch enemy Israel

Obama we hear the same sinister story as Bush
only delivered with Big Brotherly rather than Fatherly love
that may make a difference for some and bring jubilation to others
however not even close a thousand light years away from the left
it's no joke over the cliff flip flopping radical right
180 degree turns on words and promises
backpedaling like a clown on a unicycle an outstanding circus act
pulling the wool over our eyes blind folded in the dark
sounds Orwellian double-speak with flicking forked razor tongue
slashing at our faces with bold lies lies lies
backed up with kicks to the back balls buttocks secret arrests no trials
swept away rendered to a medieval dungeon no sun no light
tortured every moment for the rest of natural life
so many regular people stomped by the bloody iron boot to demise

Why? Cause it's in AmeriCo's best interest?
we resist war with the race to the bottom to avoid calamity
we seek the truth demand justice fight for peace and liberty
live and let live for free free free!