Blackwing X



Israeli super paranoia beyond psychosis
fear and loathing for decades directed at Islamic Iran
who stands on its wits, super intelligent
with huge courage, not buckling under from torment
dire threat and constant Israeli sabotage
trying to prevent Iran, a complying member of IAEA
from generating electric, fueled by nuclear energy...


Little did they know how hard it would be doing the right thing
defending their homes land and families from the deadly invading army forces...

Mujahideen who were not slaughtered were captured on battlefields from Kandahar to Tora Bora. These freedom fighters and many hapless brown skin males who happened to cross the paths of the blood thirsty infidels were made victims. Hooded and shackled swept away to Camp Delta inside Guantanamo Bay prison. Dark and sinister wire-mesh cages shrouded with ribbons of jagged razors erected on occupied Cuban soil where inmates are indefinitely incarcerated humiliated tortured.

HAARP 21st Century WMD

Strange and beautiful Jimi Hendrix once said playing his psychedelic guitar brain drenched in acid...

Two researchers attribute Norway light to HAARP, anti-ET space-based WMD

Bush The Joker

Arch villain and criminal Joker of the world took a great deal of pride and pleasure killing millions human life forms...

Made no bones about smashing great ancient lands one in the middle of the fertile crescent "cradle of civilization" and the other in the central majestic Himalayan Hindu Kush mountains. Both lands rich in history and peoples of culture however very unfortunate for their abundance of oil and precious resources. Proud to be Afghani and proud to be from Iraq!

And they are absolutely defenseless against smart bomb ordinances and tens of thousands mad grunts on the ground with M16s opened-up on auto grinding them down down down for years and years. After all the devastation that be done is no surprise soon nothing will exist of Afghanistan and Iraq and voila just like that disappeared...

Obama Joker

Obama Joker what are we doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? What are we doing to the Pakistanis who are literally flooded over their heads by the Indus river? Over 20% of their country inundated with water millions of people displaced...

How audacious your orders fly drones over targets to kill fictitious Al-c-i-a-da. Or if not Al-c-i-a-da then a suspected Talaban leader but nine times out of ten defenseless little children and old wo-men living in tiny mud huts. We keep on showing you what a serious contradiction you are and exposing you Big Brother. Promising one thing then a flip-flop or double-speak pull the wool over our faces pissing billions of people off. So after one and a half years in office you accomplished nothing except prolong the destruction pain and suffering. You have no business being President Obama.