Blackwing X

Table of Contents

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Israel Fears And Loathes Iran

How Ironic A Twist!

Gaza Locked In Hell And Tortured By Israel

Antiwar Poem One

A Few Differences Between Zionist Pro-Israel Jews And Jews Who Are Pro-Palestinian

Bomb Blast In Central Baghdad (Vintage)

If You Think About It Deeply

Short Story: A Suicide Bomber (Vintage)

Then And Now In Nightmare Baghdad (Vintage)

Past And Present Fanatical Zionists Who Don't Mind Mass Murder

The Siege And Destruction Of Ancient Al-Qiam (Vintage)

Israel Fearing And Loathing, Palestine And Friends Resisting, Resisting

So Sad Swept Away (Vintage)

A Poetical Miscellany Regarding Jews, Zionism And Palestine

America's Gov So Dreadful A Morph

Shame Shame Shame On Zionists Obama, Hillary, Netanyahu

A Tale: Flight Of The Phoenix The End And Beginning (Vintage)

A Philosophical And Critical Look At The Violent Hijacking Episode Of MV Mavi Marmara

A Slice Of An Agonized Day In Iraq (Vintage)

Twelve Months Later Operation Phantom Fury (Vintage)

Charlie Company Last Mission (Vintage)

The Fantastic Court Martial Of Private Barger (Sequel To Charlie Company Last Mission) (Vintage)

Incapacitation Inside West Bank

Convoy Crosses Thin Red Line Lone Resistance Fighter Mission Destroy (Vintage)

Stop Military Aid To The Mightily Armed Israel

Speaking Truth To Power Obama (2009) #3

Speaking Truth To Obama (2009) #5

AmeriCo We Had Enough Of Being Conned Speaking Truth To Power

Bad Dream Ramble 2008 (Society At A Critical State) (Vintage)

An Abbreviated Poetical Story Of Historical Palestine Late 1800's To the Present Time

A Punishing Life Inside Occupied Lands

Regarding Jesse Ventura's Interview With Larry King As Seen On Youtube TV

In Solidarity With The Palestinian People

The Subject Of Torture

Story: Oi Jewish Christian Zionists Israel Best Thing To Do Give It UP Let It Go

A Bizarre Story: USA Immigration Policies Fact Or Fiction?

Resist Bush's New World Order (Vintage)