Blackwing X



Shame on Zionist, Jewish or Christian with no concern or care
who do not give a crap about Palestinian people, old or young
froze in petrifying fear
from the ominous rumbling sound
of the super-sized Israeli tanks, in a mile long column
heading up the barren road leading into Gaza...

Incapacitation Inside West Bank

Another source of anguish fear and loathing occupation
anticipating sooner or later the quality of life for the Palestinian
plummets to absolute miserable zero
at any one of hundreds ominous powder-keg checkpoints
where humiliating searches go on and keep on defiling
just once per lifetime mortifying enough
but everyday perhaps twice creates deeper dismay and animus

Stop Military Aid To The Mightily Armed Israel

Make no mistake Obama
AmeriCo must stop military aid to Israel
among a myriad of reasons why it is reprehensible immoral
Israel is armed to the teeth and there happens to be
a perpetual intolerable situation Warsaw like Nazi occupation
going on in the West Bank and Gaza
where over four million people no different than you and me
forced to live drowning in a roiling sea of Israeli violence
as Palestinian Arabs endure hardship pain suffering every day of their lives
ground down under Israel's iron boot heels
these are a few giant reasons that stirs passions fuels uprisings Intifadas
most devastating suicide bombers and all out battles for freedom

A Punishing Life Inside Occupied Lands

From tiny tots to ripe old ages
for generations peoples in the West Bank and Gaza
endure dehumanizing malicious Israeli behavior

Everyday Palestinians must face a myriad of violent escapades
at the hands of warped settlers committing heinous crimes A to Z
cause the government permits and tolerates outrageous atrociousness
and when the IDF looks on not much can be done to prevent or stop a mess
not ever a penalty for criminal activity against the Palestinian
as crimes against humanity forever keep on building up