Blackwing X


A Poetical Miscellany Regarding Jews, Zionism And Palestine

Jews who are very perturbed by the evils of Zionism
must not remain silent no more
it is simply disgraceful to let Zionists get away with occupation and murder
as well as jam their quite contrary philosophy into Judaism
philosophizing, Jews must have their own homeland
on the back of the Palestinian wo-man
is an outrageous foul notion
to a pious Jew's body, mind and soul...

An Abbreviated Poetical Story Of Historical Palestine Late 1800's To the Present Time

It became a seriously bad situation for Palestinians
after dwelling millennia on a pristine coastal plain
along the aqua marine Mediterranean
as Zionism began to flow with five aliyah immigrations
first beginning late 1800s turn of the century
aliyahs were increasing to a steady stream
mostly on account of Balfour's declaration in '17
as local Jewish populations swelling upon the indigenous Arab lands
spilling over the rim in '20
results in the first heavy Jewish and Arab blood-letting...