Blackwing X


A Story: Oi Jewish Christian Zionists Israel Best Thing To Do Give It UP Let It Go

Many European Jews that survived WW2 and Hitler's tyranny
finally living the dream Zionism by reaching “the promised land”
theoretically free from persecution pogroms and holocausts
but no doubt deeply bitter and angry about the bloody past
Nazi nightmare experiences enflamed many a passionate Zionist
into a furious zealot filled with hate towards the Palestinian Arab
who had nothing to do with the plight of the Jew
didn't want any part of their dream
but were simply in the way of a corrupt UN mandate
for a far fetched belief
fulfilling big ambitions create the state Israel...

Bomb Blast In Central Baghdad

The blast bellowed throughout central Baghdad
7:45 A.M. when police officers frequently stop
for beans and egg breakfast
at the local Abu Nuwas restaurant

As the story goes
a big burly rude and surly guard at the door
began poking fun in sadistic jest
jabbing his stubby fingers into the man's chest
looking down his fat nostrils snorted
“what you want sandnigga?
show your I.D. papers shorty!”
snoting and slobbering spit in the man's face