Blackwing X


America's Gov So Dreadful A Morph

America the beautiful, born seventeen-seventy-six
with a revolutionary government for and by the people
in the land renowned to be a beacon of light for freedom
equality and justice for all (for real?)
however, simply for selfish reasons, morphed into something dreadful
today year twenty-eleven we have a grisly gobbling Ghoul gov
that lusts to eat flesh, blood, gut and bone the world
in a unrelenting manner with sadistic brutal force...

A Bizarre Story: USA Immigration Policies Fact Or Fiction?

A 15 year old Afghani won a parochial school scholarship
and student visa to the United States of America...
doing well and with only a few days left before the end
of the semester commencing summer's vacation
he accidently crashed his word software document
and with no backup or print copy could not recover the content
thus lost his term-paper forever...

Bad Dream Ramble 2008 (Society At A Critical State)

Bush's grip eight long years by iron and bloody actions
dishing out physical punishment and psychological shenanigans
2-4-7 night and day wake me out of this bad bad dream 2008....