Blackwing X

MV Mavi Marmara


Shame on Zionist, Jewish or Christian with no concern or care
who do not give a crap about Palestinian people, old or young
froze in petrifying fear
from the ominous rumbling sound
of the super-sized Israeli tanks, in a mile long column
heading up the barren road leading into Gaza...

If You Think About It Deeply

If you think about it deeply
Israel has an extreme dubious beginning
as it was filled with raging controversy
cause it was created in an era with a pro-Zionist mainstream media
with no alternative press to counter lies
and since there was little truth printed in the West
it was simple to create mass bias and prejudice
with an outpouring of sympathy and material support
for a Jews only homeland...

A Philosophical And Critical Look At The Violent Hijacking Episode Of MV Mavi Marmara

MV Mavi Marmara sleek Turkish ferry
transformed into the flagship of an international peace flotilla
founded by two organizations IHH and The Free Gaza Movement
united together with a mission to non-violently defy and break
a mighty harsh illegally imposed Israeli blockade
to free at last
free at last
free free free Gaza
free free at last!