Blackwing X

Rachel Corrie

Shame Shame Shame On Zionists Obama, Hillary, Netanyahu

Just as Jews were scapegoated back in '33
under Hitler's diabolical tyranny
so similarly today's Arabs and Muslims scapegoated post 9-11
primarily by Israeli and Zionist led US and Anglo govs and press

In Solidarity With The Palestinian People

Palestinians always had and always will have the right
to live in peace and tranquility with equality and respect
but had nor have little or none of those basic human rights
certainly not by living in the midsts of illegal settlements
when indigenous towns and villages in the West Bank
plagued by thousands crazed racist Jewish zealots
who among other things throw stones at little girls and boys
and chop down and burn ancient olive groves
forcing a poor farmer and family to exist on minimal aid junk food
is there no shame at what illegal settlers do in the name of Jahweh?