Blackwing X

Speaking Truth To Obama (2009) #5

What a shame the U.S. of AmeriCo never learns
we are still paying off debts from Nam
now building up more debt and deficits in Iraq and Afghanistan
enslaving AmeriCo's peoples to pay for preemptive
and long drawn out dirty wars
as well as bailing out failed banks and corps
so fat cats on Wall street can take home big buck bonuses
and the government Senate Congress Republican
Democrat Independent receiving all kinds of slush funds
from lobbyists and P-A-Cs
huge sums of money for fulfilling unsavory favors and deeds...

A vicious AmeriCon wheel is spinning non-sustainable
bound to grind to a halt
cause far too numerous loans going towards shock and awe
in the Mid Near South East Asia Horn-of-Africa
carnage inflicted on innocent victims is unwanted
prohibitively outrageous expensive and has hugest consequences

So many unjust lost cause conflicts at once
a seemingly never end clash with Arabs and Islam
and to boot superpowers Russia hate our guts
and China is poised to crush us

So recognize the USA cannot afford to fund nor fight
and occupy no more
but as of November 2-0-0-9 here is the score
(one) Afghanistan (two) Iraq (three) free carte blanch
weapons for Israel
(a relationship should never exist
essentially a mutation of Godzilla-Cyclops)
(four) war in Waziristan going on (five) Somalia (six) Eritrea
(seven) the jungles of Columbia Bolivia Ecuador Peru
with overt and covert military ops
hardware and assistance to train troops
and herbicide spraying programs to eradicate drug crops
that millions of AmeriConned crave demand love love love!
(eight) on the border with Mexico from Texas to California
to try and halt South American refuee immigration
and the flow of guns ganja and coke

President Obama there is neither worth nor merit
taking a stance between peacemaker and war monger
got to choose between one or the other
unless you stand for the former
and keep Big Brother off our backs
we is whooped and know it going down a lost cause warpath
creating vast assortments of outraged militants
and new generations of rebellious fighting youths
no doubt millions will keep on struggling until captured WIA or killed
or victory achieved in an instant
with a press of a button on a space age wireless device
triggering the ultimate atomic explosion
gone into oblivion AmeriCo scorched earth....