Blackwing X

Abu Ghraib

RESIST WAR AND TYRANNY Poetry Not For The Faint Of Heart 9-11-2001--2012, 2013

Greetings peace pursuing people and poetry lovers from round the world! Blackwing X stands for Antiwar and Anarchy (Utopia) y'all: A perfectly FREE non-violent society, sustainable into the future, is what we need now! Cause we naturally care for ourselves, cause we know better than decades of foully formed govs', built with meditated hatred and then forged into iron laws.

We know the gov censors truth, promotes dangerous lies, causes FEAR, CHAOS, HARDSHIP and DEMISE
It is now well over 11 years writing antiwar/antigov poetry starting on that dark and dismal black-op day September 11, 2001. Plus well over a year of hard research and sorting out a collection of notes and thoughts for more BwX's imaginative compositions in the works.

And so after reading at numerous public open mic venues over many years yours truly has learned there is a powerful force telling truthful stories with words that rhyme, in an entertaining eclectic unedited style. No thanks to the subject matter, dreadful, immoral, illegal invasions, filthy bloody occupations, gov policies that promise a smashing finish at the end of AmeriCo's dive.

Please beware folks, you are in store for a tough literary journey into the fantastic world of State sponsored terror (minus hardcore graphic violence). The vintage poems imagery for the most part are kind of grim, a la Poe. The newer poems are straight-forward lyrical and critical of the malevolent duo US and Israel, notorious for their heinous shenanigans and millions of crimes against human beings.

Blackwing X poetry is based on fact (through tedious research) not fiction and along with irony and cynical moods that conjure up many emotions, you can find touches of black humor making for occasional smiles, frowns and ha, laughter.

Thank you for listening to this introduction, so without further adieu, for your reading pleasure, please click 'Read more' poetry proudly packed with power and passion.


Little did they know how hard it would be doing the right thing
defending their homes land and families from the deadly invading army forces...

Mujahideen who were not slaughtered were captured on battlefields from Kandahar to Tora Bora. These freedom fighters and many hapless brown skin males who happened to cross the paths of the blood thirsty infidels were made victims. Hooded and shackled swept away to Camp Delta inside Guantanamo Bay prison. Dark and sinister wire-mesh cages shrouded with ribbons of jagged razors erected on occupied Cuban soil where inmates are indefinitely incarcerated humiliated tortured.

Regarding Jesse Ventura's Interview With Larry King As Seen On Youtube TV Concerning Torture

What a way to expose a heinous felon
and how that would be phenomenal!
an earth shattering headline news event
(of course could never happen)
regarding ex-governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura's proposal
of being able to water-board Dick Cheney for one hour
to prove his point
however with just one twist to this hypothetical scenario...

Convoy Crosses Thin Red Line Lone Resistance Fighter Mission Destroy

It was Thursday the twelve two thousand-three
in the twilight stretch of day
on the long lonely remote desert highway
smack in the middle of the Sunni triangle
a landscape littered with rusted army junk
depleted uranium fragments sizes dust to chunk
strewn all over was poison and death
circa 1991 first gulf conflict...

A Story: So Sad Swept Away

It started one noon when the First Cav
entered into the bombed rubble-strewn streets
in the town called Nahjaf