Blackwing X

A Poetical Miscellany Regarding Jews, Zionism And Palestine

Jews who are very perturbed by the evils of Zionism
must not remain silent no more
it is simply disgraceful to let Zionists get away with occupation and murder
as well as jam their quite contrary philosophy into Judaism
philosophizing, Jews must have their own homeland
on the back of the Palestinian wo-man
is an outrageous foul notion
to a pious Jew's body, mind and soul...

Presently Israelis are going to lowest levels of immorality
gunning people down in the Golan Heights, (actually Syria's Heights)
unarmed protestors in the spirit of non-violence
who march gallant for freedom from tyranny
and with their voice and bodies as human shields
like Thoreau, Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King
they prevailed, why was that so?
cause of the determination by the group and by the individual
who act in non-compliance, direct action doing civil disobedience
and by an overwhelming peoples outcry with a revolutionary spirit!

And so Arab Palestine is forcefully occupied by foreigners since '48
and since 9-11 Arabs have been cast the scapegoat
and Islam demonized as bad, bad, bad terrorists
by the mainstream Zionist press
then blames is placed upon the victim
so the illusion is Israel can do no harm
while continuing to beat the bejesus out of the Palestinian
who naturally resist death and humiliation
at the hands of the merciless IDF
and so as part of collective punishment
West Bank Palestinians forced to live behind or surrounded by a monster
the 30 foot tall by 4 foot wide concrete separation wall
where views for hundreds of years suddenly obliterated
where sun is blocked and living in an artificial shadow is perpetuated
and high above on the wall looking down below
from fortified turrets, roosting in their cozy machine gun nests
either robotic or human snipers
with sophisticated surveillance apparatus
zooms in your face watching every persons move
and if it be perceived, by the sniper to be false
such as curse on Israel scribbled in graffiti
receives a mortal gunshot wound guaranteed

Poor poor desperate peoples must not be
separated from friends and family
separated from neighbors
separated from farms
separated from towns and villages
separated from schools, colleges, commerce, culture
even separated from their beloved mosques
and to add more insult to injury
is the perpetual dilemma of the Palestinian Israeli
who has no choice but be separated by hate
and forced to be second class citizens
where extreme discrimination runs rampant

So many people were driven from their homes in '48
to refugee camps in Gaza, West Bank and all across the Mideast
now more than ever Palestina unequivocally has the right to exist
and all her children without doubt must be allowed to return home
they have original keys and deeds as proof damn it!
Israelis should realize this and be decent
be polite, move along
as the Apartheid wall of hate and shame
doomed for demolition from its dawn
will be torn down and recycles or crumbles
like everything else turns to dust
and at the end of the day what remains is
a FREE Palestine with liberty and justice!