Blackwing X

The Subject Of Torture

Interrogators orders come from the top
the President or perhaps a premier puppeteer
and orders are given with two thumbs up
it's A-OK to inflict amazing amounts of brutal pain and punishment
whether electro-shocked or punched in the face
whether cracked over the head from a beating with a stick
or dislocating shoulders with extremity stress techniques
what kinds of information are they trying to obtain
as the drill tip spins and bites through the skull into the detainees brain?
or keeping the captive chained to an ice cold concrete floor
caged in a cell so dismal with no light day or night 2-4-7-3-6-5
it goes on until the desired information extracted
and interrogators thoroughly satisfied

And as for the so called hard-core enemy non-combatants
high value national security risks and Al-cia-da patsies
like Jose Padilla or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
since they were illegally arrested painfully tortured without a trial
in the name of justice the falsely accused must be presumed innocent
and released as soon as possible
however for those poor patsy victims water-boarded hundreds of times
another heinous method used to extract fictitious admissions
about being in on 9-11 history's premier unprecedented crime

Special torture sessions involving extraordinary amounts of
cruel psychological abuse and violence
administered via syril injection or gas with like BZ
a military chemical substance lethal and easy to OD
under the influence incapacitates the body limbs go numb and lifeless
simultaneously mind becomes disorienting disconnect leading to delirium
memory will soon be wiped clean like erased off a CPU
the motherboard replaced with a new configured operating system

Nearly ready for the boot
via enhanced inhumane mind boggling executions
like perverse hypnotic commands
“we got your name number address sandnigger
unless you 'fess give it up the facts and what we want
the scoop on Osama Bin Laden
this broom stick handle is flying up your ass
then we'll whack your mother father four brothers
six sisters five wives twenty sons and daughters
at the next wedding party they'll all be as good as bombed bloody pulp!”

And as the detainee mulls over those ghoulish thoughts
the torturers' sensory depravation attack begins
eardrums are pierced then ripped at high decibel volumes
from blasting obnoxious sounds whistles sirens
clanking bells hardcore-metal revolting Barry Manilow
for hours and hours beyond the splitting point of schizophrenia
coerced to open the mind's inner sanctums
that was corrupted to reveal the deepest privacies
the beans finally cascades from the tortured prisoner's lips...

Well into shaping a void personality interrogators assist the hand
to clutch the fingers grip upon the pen
and with spasmodic jerks on the confession papers
the point scratches signature X
proves the captive agrees with the pure diabolical nonsense
as the victim slips into a hallucinogenic psychosis
ants can crawl from under skin
rats can scurry around a cage placed over the face
serpents can slither from cracks out of thin space
the most fantastic fears and frights beyond belief!

And when BZ combines with other PentaCon truth serums
makes for the ultra toxic cocktail with horrific end consequences
transformation from an coherent average intelligent being
to a mentally deranged lunatic or far worse babbling idiot
as the chemicals eventually wear away
brain cells cooked to vegetable mush
without a doubt gone in deep deep deep madness

Torture is the highest crime against humanity
side by side with murder abduction rape
until there is an end to ghastly invasions occupations
and the global war on terror
there will always be Mujahideen freedom fighters their allies and friends
to be a proud part of the defeat and demise of the great fiend AmeriCo
violently fanatical to own and control Mother Earth's bounties of oil
at any price and at any cost in human life including Gaia's meteoric fall
from the industrial revolution and over a century of
great modern war and pollution

And so freedom fighters will be killed
and others captured on the battlefield
then interned and tortured to give up false information
such a vicious wheel!
violence and revenge keeps revolving round and round
non-stop eight years on spinning and speeding up
seemingly culminating into a predicable and dreadful
world wide disaster THE END!