Blackwing X

Twelve Months Later Operation Phantom Fury

The night it was cold cast in blackness
the moon and stars had risen but were dimmed
henceforth from Operation Vigilant Resolve
toxic ash was hovering over the city of Falluja

Now a new rumor was going around
another military operation was soon to go down
Operation Phantom Fury finally flatten Falluja...
the morbid rumor was true no doubt
from five miles away one can faintly hear
the mechanical beasts low whirring gears
the attack convoy ominous is near...
it must is silhouetted on the horizon
a small slow jerky animal made of poison

a worm pent up with ultra-violence
inching its way along the sand
metal treads clatter the rubble highway
one battalion Humvees and Bradleys
with seventy-ton Abrams flanked by their sides
diesels deafening roaring louder
generating millions horse power
heavy thunder booming backfire
black billowing exhaust clouds looming larger
the ground begins to quake and tremor
the enemy advancing upon Falluja
evident and clear the coalition monster is here!

Surrounding the ancient city circa 23rd century BC!
the marine hangman's noose placed round her neck
knot cinching tight she's gagging grasping for life
but she knows she's going to hang and die...
oh no Jesus Christ have some mercy please
save innocent Falluja don't let her go straight to the gallows
why because a couple of few survived the holocaust
Operation Vigilant Resolve
and so they stand in arms with their dinosaur weapons
fighting against win-the-lottery odds to come out alive
to protect their broken abodes from being blown sky high
and precious family killed or drove off to slavery

Allahhu Akbar it can only mean one thing
the first and last march to the front of the thin red line
fighting to the end AK47 blazing away big time
killing invaders left and right
before being shot bombed out of sight
it will be final the blood will flow
down the cobblestone streets of ol' Falluja

And all the human hearts in the city who could not escape
so utterly filled with fear start pounding harder
knowing their numbers' up pandemonium ensues
every second ticking feeling panic button stricken
each short hyperventilated breath
come uncontrollable trembles
as ice cold sweat cascades down clammy flesh
body freezes muscles seizes ridged
gripped frozen-solid numb no sensation
quickly catatonia paralysis helplessness sets in
mind fleeing for life from the trauma
body trapped in a real nightmare of stark terror

People get ready brace yourself for the slaughter
there is no choice but be punished
by the wrath of The Phantom
about to unleash lash out and smash with fury
all the poor families who remain in Falluja

5:59 A.M.
exact crack of dawn
coalition in position all in unison
500 M2 “Ma Duce” machine gun bolts snaps
400 T-slot duel feed rapid fire chain-guns
high explosive anti-personnel bombs stand ready to zap
300 tank turrets turn towards targets
cannon radar switch on auto zoom to zone
120-millimeter breach locked and loaded
primed for the barrage a monumental burn
as three-thousand itching fingers twitches
upon deadly M16 triggers
sites aimed at ages-old fragile human flesh
and delicate blocks of lime-sandstone pressed
edifices with mosaic tile and marble facades
mysterious minarets and colossal domes
molded over with glistening gold
and Iman tombs inlaid with polished pearl
carved gemstone lapis lazuli turquoise emerald
so fine silver calligraphy Islamic venerated poetry
and proverbs etched into the shrine by Arabian artisans
tested by time and beauty made Falluja and her peoples
“City of Mosques” magnificently mystical

7:11 A.M. Zero Hour
waiting for the orders
coming up the line from the top
transmission begins squawking
obnoxious slurred drawling
'A.W.O.L under the influence'
“Casey companies on the ground
Alpha Baker Charlie Delta Falcon to Xenon
this is your Commander achtung
sons daughters fix bayonets
yer New World Order jelly roll Falluja...

Praise the lord glory be
for his providing mountains of munitions
the smart and dumb bombs 500 and 10,000 pounders
d.u. bunker busters daisy-cutters clusters upon clusters
white phosphorous napalm air to surface
surface to surface missiles rockets
artillery exploding-projectiles and mortar shells
at your disposal hundreds of millions full metal jackets
for the thousands upon thousands M16 automatics
show no mercy take no prisoners
exterminate the Iraqi sandniggas
Casey companies Phantom Fury
oooooo-aaaahhhhh Semper Fi
sock it to the motherfuckas commence your firin'
and you don't stop don't stop don't stop 'til
mission accomplished Amen”....