Blackwing X

A Tale: Flight Of The Phoenix The End And Beginning

Alas at the end of the last nuke blast
from underneath the smoldering red-hot Iranian ash
the most fabulous creature ever known throughout all wo-mankind
from ancient civilizations up to the present time...

Jet black beautiful the gargantuan stirs
awakens in anger shakes ash and earth
from its wings and springs forth to life
reborn by the sliver of shining crescent gold moon light

Iridescent feathers gleaming
taking off the greatest bird Phoenix
arcing into the electric-luminescent night...
its body massive as an Adirondack mountain
wingspan fills the expanse of the sky
beak hard as titanium tempered steel
the size of ten Titanics welded together
curved and tapered like a perfect pick-ax head
with the power that can cleave the White House in half...
creature's razor talons extends horizons
so stupendous its left can snatch the colossal Pentagon
and right can snatch the oppressive Capitol
rip them from their very foundations in one fine fell swoop
and wing away what remains of the two edifices rubble and refuse
for the benefit of all wo-mankind...

And into the galaxy the mighty beautiful black bird glides
the planets stars constellations Orion Scorpio Sagittarius guide...
rejuvenated and fresh with the outer-space awakening flight
suddenly from within the thickest nebula cloud
come torrents of high frequency sonic sound waves
and ultra low booming vibes
with simultaneous flashes of neon and blinding bolts of xenon light
zero-hour midnight rendezvous at last!
Phoenix picks up on “The Message”

“Oh great mystical beautiful bird
assemble every able being from around the un-charred world
call all secular non-prejudiced and non-believers
disenfranchised Muslim Christian Hebrews
Hindoos Buddhas and all other peoples who believe or not
now is the time to ally, rally and counter offensive
since Iran was scorched earth
and another Near-Mideast country bombed to hot ash and dust
Phoenix enough is enough
fly on the thin red line we are at world war three
be fearless fight and finish the AmeriCon neo-fascist
dictatorial regime
the peoples common enemy at least since nine-eleven
and rid the planet of the miserable viral scourge
whose creed is pure vulgar racist hatred
with an insatiable greed and never be satisfied lust
that's out to destroy or enslave us...
Phoenix in our victory we soar the infinite universe in ecstasy for free!”

So the greatest black bird that ever was squawked the message
echoing around the globe as warriors rally West to East
gallantly mounting wilding Arabian and Morgan stallions and steeds
armed to the teeth with spears swords sabers daggers
glistening Kalishnikovs M16s Colt 45 automatics
fearsome squadrons platoons and companies
plus hundreds of brave brigades and battalions
and countless millions troops who follow their hearts'
minds' dreams in allegiance
end old and neo-fascist tyranny
the war cries screaming and chants are ringing
smash smash smash the state...

Flying in command leading the full frontal assault
most vulnerable target for guided missiles
the greatest bird that ever was Phoenix
with soldiers flanked left and right
filling the landscape for thousands of kilometers
galloping at break-neck speeds
advancing to the thin red line all out awesome mean
the white flag for unconditional surrender
the only means for gov's escape
cause the clash in a moment of resurrected freedom fighters
Revolutionaries Mujahideen-Minute-Militia-Wo-Men and teen
made of the stuff transcends Glory-be
are in for the Mother of all struggles Jihadi LIBERATION
and on for Father Revolution
equality peace FREEDOM...