Blackwing X

A Story: So Sad Swept Away

It started one noon when the First Cav
entered into the bombed rubble-strewn streets
in the town called Nahjaf

Supposed to restore order shattered the day before
when a sweep gone awry teenage soldier let go on auto
spraying bullets into the crowd...

Poor downtrodden innocent residents
out protesting their bankrupt businesses
miserable barely scraping by to survive
quite dismal their life filled with chaos and strife

And so with M3 Abrams leading the charge
grunts break down peoples doors and barge
into their dwellings bullying ransacking going through
bedroom draws sifting through personal effects
looking for papers collecting evidence to incarcerate
and looting galore taking everything
including the people looking good or dangerous
hauled off swept away from their sacred dwellings
we call home

And in front of his home on Omar Aziz Street
Habib an unemployed carpenter going on thirty-three
a large gentle man with extended family
three wives five children stands tall defiant looking angry
pointing his finger directly at the soldiers doing the firing
suddenly he's busted roughed-up thrown to the ground
cuffed with wire much too tight kicked in the face
(groin well that part saved for the dogs to grope later)
hooded smothering going numb
heart pumping hard in the stifling hot sun
whimpering for water gasping for air
lungs bursting cannot breath suffocating
blood trickles from stomped-on forehead hair
doubled over writhing in agony
a world alone under the dreaded black vinyl hood
scared in the pitch dark insane weeping
why this horror why Mother Iraq why me?
the pain suffering can't stand it reached the limit
never experienced so much punishment
take me out of this misery instant or set me free!

Anticipating sadly Habib knows his time has come
by the sounds of the front gate clanking open
and slamming shut so hard behind just arrived no doubt
on the inside of Saddam's infamous maximus in security
oh fucking NO Abu Gharib!
now pornographic snuff house
perverts theater paradise with live triple X-OUT's
holding thousands for feature torture videos
the cells make for veritable galleries of gallows
all rivaling Auschwitz Treblinka Dachau
the ultimate death camps executions SS style
taken over with pleasure for New World Order
by the clandestine neo-liberal nazi landlord
Bush and mission Iraqi Enduring Freedom
now the proud new owner of Abu Gharib prison!

Habib shoved against the blood-stained corridor wall
stripped naked forced to bend over
his rectum spread open inspected for weapons
higher up duodenum for contraband substances...
at that moment feeling a deep morose
with just two thoughts on mind
just gone mad and soon be dead
as the guards snicker heh heh heh
“lets fuck that badass sandnigga”
electric cattle prod rammed in his rump zap-shock
1000 volts electric jolts arcs inside intestines fried
dragged off to TIER 1-A cell block THE END of the line
but only the beginning for going by the U.S.A book
on softening up treatment for fresh information extraction
in the most sadistic tradition that was passed down
by the wrath of the master at torture
where only a few can survive Herr Hitler's hell...

Now in the TIER 1-A cell hood off
a battered body black and blue blood bruises
come screams and howls of young women and children
down the corridor being whipped raped demeaned
mind on fire voice inside says
“resist young man fight back with all your might
never give up lay down and die!”…
as three burly keepers
come in looking like The Grim Reaper
with grisly attack dogs by their sides
barking snarling ready to snap
with canine incisors down whap
on soft skin muscled leg blood let like crazy
as Habib stands proud and tall miraculous looks
like Muhammad Ali boxing fearless center ring!
toe to toe lightening fast fists fly furious
strikes the faces stings his tormenting jailers
with several last satisfying licks
gashing one's eye slashing another's lip...
but with all he got he simply could not
muster enough mighty punching power
to fend off three six-hundred pound gorillas
ready to butcher poor Habib
one hundred-ninty pound he-man
processed into raw ground meat...
alas the mighty cleaves chop down hardcore
cracking skull crushing vertebrae
knees buckle drop to the cold concrete floor
K/O'ed flat on his back for the infinite ten count
Habib Aziz an unemployed carpenter
family man dead gone...

Like so many thousands of other poor innocent victims
who for pointing their fingers in anger at the faces
of machine gunners spraying bullets
across crowded market places
into cars parks streets and squares
they're shot up or swept away
never to be seen or heard from again
forced to leave behind helpless grieving widows
and teems of orphaned juveniles
who struggle alone without their patriarchal love
to protect and provide
must now live in rubble or flee from the trouble
to save their lives perhaps find safe haven
a refugee camp in a foreign land
if lucky enough survive with a slice of daily bread
given with kind compassionate hand
if it is for only temporary settlement
before so sad premature dead....