Blackwing X

A Story: Oi Jewish Christian Zionists Israel Best Thing To Do Give It UP Let It Go

Many European Jews that survived WW2 and Hitler's tyranny
finally living the dream Zionism by reaching “the promised land”
theoretically free from persecution pogroms and holocausts
but no doubt deeply bitter and angry about the bloody past
Nazi nightmare experiences enflamed many a passionate Zionist
into a furious zealot filled with hate towards the Palestinian Arab
who had nothing to do with the plight of the Jew
didn't want any part of their dream
but were simply in the way of a corrupt UN mandate
for a far fetched belief
fulfilling big ambitions create the state Israel...

Thus in '48 the original UN partition lines are drawn
however that was only the beginning of the Jewish state being built of iron
there was no citing of any sorts for wars or barbarous occupation to come
and made no mention of expansion Greater Eretz Israel either
interpreted by fanatical Zionist rabbis according to scriptures in the Torah?
in fact Israel will act out violent policies
such as confiscation of Arabian land and water
and in due time Eretz Israel must include parts of Lebanon most of Syria
portions of Jordan a large swath of Iraq up to the Tigris Euphrates rivers
all the way down to north Sinai Egypt continuing on to the Nile
the West Bank Gaza Palestine
and everyone in Eretz Israel who is goim are out

And so to accomplish the ludicrous expansion scheme
it was in the best interest of the Israeli regime
to become mighty and fascist
there will be no tolerance for obstructing Israeli land grabs
absolutely no negative criticism for immoral Zionism
nor that touchy subject-matter Judaism either
furthermore for folks who voice their mind speaking out truth for real
and pacifistically resist Palestine's occupation by Israel
are branded self-loathing Jews anti-Semites or radical Muslim terrorists
enemies that shall be gagged hooded and collectively punished

Now 62 dreaded years gone by since bringing Israel into existence
by a handful of racist zealot Zionists politicians capitalist Jewish Christians
obviously proved disastrous
cause every single occupation moment that goes by
in harsh imposed Apartheid life
the wrath of Israel's crushing iron mind hands and fist
has no mercy for Palestine
who endure pain hardship and the right to exist

More than ever every occupied people from old to young
simply must struggle every day to survive
all the dirty deeds and tricks that be done
however to break free from the bloody bondage hold by the iron boot
mashing down the collective face with brutal impune
it is a universal inalienable right to defend oneself and fight
a great Jihad until victory the end of bloody Israel
cause the whole wide world recognizes a rogue and pirate nation
that don't belong in civilization with one exception America
and both so morally bankrupt in their quest of ownership
for people weapons oil and gold
they rival each other for number one in oppression and war
together literally committing millions and millions crimes against humanity

There are non-violent solutions for peace in Palestine
begins with America stop aiding Israel
withdraw all armed forces from the Mideast
guarantee Arabs security while Israelis start tearing down the wall
rip out hundreds of iron gate checkpoints
allow Palestinians their right of return
and as Helen Thomas so smartly commented
unfortunately was fired for her logical non-violent solution
Israelis pack-up leave Palestine and indigenous Arab lands
go back to your own places of national origin

These are a few obstacles for peace that must be hurdled
if peace is to be achieved and yes peace can be real
it must be in the spirit of the Jews give up Israel
enough is enough violence already OI OI OI the spilled blood!
cause once upon a time before Zionism
there was one homogenous family
that made one sane civil society
not just a sick sad state for Jews Israel
but free free free Palestine for ALL people!