Blackwing X

Stop Military Aid To The Mightily Armed Israel

Make no mistake Obama
AmeriCo must stop military aid to Israel
among a myriad of reasons why it is reprehensible immoral
Israel is armed to the teeth and there happens to be
a perpetual intolerable situation Warsaw like Nazi occupation
going on in the West Bank and Gaza Palestine
where over four million people no different than you and me
forced to live drowning in a roiling sea of Israeli violence
as Arabs endure hardship pain and suffering every day of their lives
ground down under Israel's iron boot heels
these are giant reasons that stirs passions fuels uprisings Intifadas
most devastating suicide bombers and all out battles for freedom

So how can we blame the Palestinian that gathers arms
for their own defense and resists deadly occupation forces
as they are subjected to so many common violent occurrences
like incursions house break-ins demolitions collective punishment?

Going by a similar comparison the revolutionary ANC
born into Bantustans the “Umkhonto we Sizwe
Spear Of The Nation” armed and dangerous
to defend their native black tribes who fearing racist
police brutality if infringe on SA white supremacy
rules laws ordinances and to set themselves free free free
from under the yoke of the slave master Dutch Afrikaans

However other than similar kinds of SA police rioting
that guarantees punitive actions against peoples
like beatings unjust arrests internment interrogations
and abhorrent murders that kept millions oppressed
Palestinians have a lot more worries that are unimaginably worse!

With the notorious bloodletting IDF tank cannon artillery fire
an air-force with squadrons of hundreds jet bombers
F-15s F16s A4 Skyhawks stealthy deadly remote control drones
fleets of choppers Blackhawks Apaches Cobras
that launches computer laser guided air to surface missiles
drops clusters napalm white phosphorus and unidentifiable poison gases
all used with impunity in the two tiny territories West Bank and Gaza
to strike at the heart of Hamas leadership
who speak their minds the bitter truth
and the militants who stand defend and fight
with less odds to survive than winning a game at Russian Roulette
but those smart bombs most always miss their targets
always hit innocent old men women children little girls and boys

And lets not forget there's more dread the IDF packs
like a lethal flotilla of warships
guided missile Corvettes patrol boats
and submarines that fire rockets topped with nuke warheads'
lurking in the Arabian Sea radar scans every direction
but 99 point 9 percent of the time zeroed in on Tehran
vaporization as easy as cutting a piece of pie
sub's captain takes order from PM Netanyahu
to press the button letting annihilation fly
from under water into the sky back to land WHAM
the end of another great great great civilization Iran


To remain military superior in the region
keep oil flowing in our direction let it be plentiful at cheap prices
and blockade bombard beaches in Gaza whenever it desires

And never forget in the toxic mix of military mighty might
Israel's own sleaziest CIA Murder Inc “by way of deception” Mossad
a most effective world wide spider web of cunning assassins
provocateurs and spies implicated to be in on 9-1-1 the inside job

And there's colossal reserves consists of ex-IDF in the hundreds-thousands
with unlimited supplies of most advanced stamped “made in America” weaponry
on top of an arsenal of two three four-hundred nukes or more
plus short medium long range pin point accurate missiles for sure
some capable of payloads over a ton TNT or WMD
plus tens of thousands plain old ordinary civilians carrying M16s
and tens tens tens of thousands illegal settlers and kibbutz-nicks
walking around with Uzi submachine guns
plus all the ammunition every Israeli needs
to blow away every poor Palestinian Arab and sympathizing sentient being
in the Mideast at least six-million times over

An abomination to be held prisoner within one's own home and land
realizing sooner or later be kicked out shoved off or blown away
and buried six feet under in a desolate patch of desert sand
ironically confiscated and occupied by the so so so terribly insulting
belligerent militant Zionist Israeli