Blackwing X

Speaking Truth To Power Obama (2009) #3

Obama there's got to be change in the America's
bumbling bombing foreign policy
cause there is absolutely no rational rhyme or reason existing
for what is being perpetrated in the Swat Valley
with one exception essentially serves a minute minority
of mostly neo-liberal elitists
ultimately at the end of the day though
obviously is in no ones best interest

Least of all the families living with terror devastation death
when predator drones crossing borders thin red lines
sixty-seven-hundred miles away
flying over foreign homes
launching Hellfire missiles targets alleged militants
however hitting civilians attending marriage celebrations all the time
they have been calling this familiar re-occurrence
in the Near East war crime

So sending 25,000 additional occupation forces into Afghanistan
sounds like troops building up exactly like Nam
throwing fuel on a fire Bush-Cheney built and set
now a serious horrific escalating conflict
should never have been ordering in 4000 yes sir robotic grunts
killing machines jelly-roll on march to Helmand Province
eager with M16's switch on automatic
shooting one-hundred shots per minute
high velocity impact concrete piercing bullets
clip after clip after clip adds up quick
two point four-million rounds per hour
waves and walls of red hot lead sprayed in all directions
with dozens of F-16s and Apache attack aircraft
it's bombs away five-hundred and ten-thousand pounders
napham white phosphorous clusters
sorties day and night guarantees to bust up
thousands sun baked mud-brick huts
until the mop-up operation of spilled blood and guts
mission accomplished “Strike Of The Sword”
Al-qaeda and the Taliban offed include millions more
all innocent wo-men and children

So we're caught yet again in another new conflict Warziristan
unnecessary blood letting and escalating
a quagmire beside Afghanistan
it's the same Afghani Warziri Taliban and Pashtun people
all of them connected tribes in allegiance
will never give up without a fight
just like us if the situation were reversed
just like the Iraqi resistance determined to defeat and drive out
the invader crusaders Judaeo-Christian armies
and neo-liberals bent on exploiting poor people for oil
and pipeline control in that particular region
of America's New World Order