Blackwing X

In Solidarity With The Palestinian People

Palestinians always had and always will have the right
to live in peace and tranquility with equality and respect
but had nor have little or none of those basic human rights
certainly not by living in the midsts of illegal settlements
when indigenous towns and villages in the West Bank
plagued by thousands crazed racist Jewish zealots
who among other things throw stones at little girls and boys
and chop down and burn ancient olive groves
forcing a poor farmer and family to exist on minimal aid junk food
is there no shame at what illegal settlers do in the name of Jahweh?

And Palestinians are barricaded within open air concentration camps
surrounded by impenetrable barrier fence and a 25 foot high concrete wall
topped with surveillance cameras and turrets
manned with snipers sharpshooters and machine-gunners
who admit having no scruples or morals at all
who do not hesitate to maim and murder Arabs of any age or gender
as well as internationals who witness crimes against humanity
heros like kind and sensitive so sadly snuffed sweet Rachel Corrie
who standing in solidarity tried to stop defend and document a tragic story
occupation home demolitions heinous crimes against Palestinians

And young sweet Rachel payed the highest price
her dear dear dear gentle life
while outraged comrades blood boils
march in Rachel's spirit of non-violence
demonstrating for peace freedom justice
and dare scream point blank in the ugly IDF fascist face
all in unison with fighting heart and voice