Blackwing X

A Slice Of An Agonized Day In Iraq

12 P.M. Sadr City on purple heart boulevard
where Abrams Bradleys Hummers patrol
assignment looking for insurgents on the prowl
hoping to find Alcaeda fighters
planting an improvised roadside bomb

Suddenly from two roof tops 13 insurgents pop-up
gun shots ring out bullets clank and ping
off Hummer's reinforced armor plates

Bradleys let cannons rage
rapid fire booming in the direction of the echoing
the once quaint Al-Rasheed Place
an old street leading to the Tigris waterfront promenade...

In less than one minute of appalling violence
12 fighters reduced to blood guts body parts
20 innocent pedestrians creamed in the chaos
the roof caves in on 86 devotees
prostrate on their hands and knees
faces to floor praying for peace
at the local Allahhu Akbar Mosque

And then out from nowhere
the one insurgent getaway
launches a rocket propelled grenade
slams into the side of the Bradley M3A
jammed with cargo battle-wares munitions
and crammed tight in the claustrophobic condition
a worrying squad of six marines...

Flash blam explosion flames no escape
incinerated particles organic metal
the dust sails into the ozone layer
ricocheting through space forever

Gdub gives the orders
then sends the girls and boys over
to shoot and kill kill or be killed
and 4000 and counting came back in coffins
draped in red white blue colors....