Blackwing X

The Siege And Destruction Of Ancient Al-Qiam

Just past 6 P.M. sundown
the end of another long chaotic day
in occupied Baghdad town

But now in the Northwest Iraqi occupation zone
a serious new war drama was about to unfold
the debut production Operation Steel Curtain
the siege and destruction of ancient Al-Qaim

It starts with air sorties from out of thin space
F-fifteens wings laden with five-hundred pound bombs
dropped to “clear out safe houses
filled with Jihadis and Alqaeda fighters”

Next sorties huge hueys AC-130 Specter gun-ships
batteries of Gatling's guns spins the metal Vulcans blazes
unleashes the arching tracers
streaming tens of thousands rounds per minute
bullets like crazy ripping it up raking
the theater floor with quintillions of gaping holes

And last sortie at twilight into the night
the flying Cobras snaking in from high altitude
spiting laser guided venom ultra-toxin
white phosphorescent anti-personnel bombs
filled with jelly like substances
float like heavier than air bubbles
napalm drifts towards earth suddenly they burst
casting an eerie theatrical daylight luminescence...
molten-hot ordinances showers and splats on stage
sprays and sticks to stunned audiences
fires ignite whole neighborhoods engulfed in flame
so many poor people trapped and hidden
behind the steel curtain stricken with terror
charcoal-burned skin to the bone...

Al-Qaim bombed to smithereens
Al-Qaim rubble in ruins
Al-Qaim razed to the ground

As troops move in to sweep clean
the burned aisles and scorched seats
littered with contorted carcasses charred to crisps
frowns froze on faces extreme mortified expressions...

And another bloody Sunday comes to a grave end
no one stands for cheers “bravo” ovation
entire cast crew and common folk annihilated...

Like Adolf had done same thing Bush at Al-Qaim
premeditated genocide as the steel curtain closes
unbounded from Basra to Baghdad
Karbala to Falluja
Samarra to Bayji Tikrit to Kirkuk
Mosul to Babylon and beyond
marathons of blood spilled one act plays
millions for the same opening scene Siege
billions for the grand finale Destroyed

No one left to be thrown in a dungeon
No one left to be cruelly tortured
No one left to be unduly executed
No one left to be merciless crucified
No one left alive....