Blackwing X

Shame Shame Shame On Zionists Obama, Hillary, Netanyahu

Just as Jews were scapegoated back in '33
under Hitler's diabolical tyranny
so similarly today's Arabs and Muslims scapegoated post 9-11
primarily by Israeli and Zionist led US and Anglo govs and press

Essentially license is issued by USA superpower to oppress
cause Israel receives billions in sophisticated high tech ordinances
for instance missiles, rockets, cannons, mortars
M16s and assorted bullets and bombs
lethal aircraft and weapons delivery systems, all for free!
and please do not forget the mutated monster D9R Caterpillar bulldozers
armored military models designed like the wrecking machines in Avatar
made for home demolitions in occupied West Bank and Gaza
when one mission to demolish a home went extra foul and ugly
on March 16, 2003 a D9R driven by a wilding Israeli
so sadly ran over and crushed at the tender age of 23
sweet, kind, gentle, gifted Rachel Corrie
dies under the dozer's treads in the tiny refugee camp Rafah
located in the Gaza strip
on the desolate bombed-out and demolished border with Egypt...

And with all the weapons and D9Rs come waves of incredible lies and cons
to mislead and confound everyone browsing the w.w.w for news
it is so malicious worse than viruses, hacks and spam
tuned into mainstream FOX and CNN
the continuous loops of non-stop propaganda
Israel good, Palestine bad
no surprise by the way hate spews
year after year at the annual AIPAC conference
broadcast live on CSPAN
presidents shouts-out loud and proud iron clad guarantees
what ever it takes in armaments count on America to vote yes
and pay for not-kosher immoral incursions, indeed!

And to think the unimaginable, Bibi Netanyahu
whose hands drip with innocent blood
delivers hate oratory to a fever pitch frenzy
on the hallowed chamber floor of the Senate
to the sick minded with bias and bigotry
the US Jewish-Christian Zionist Congress
with 29 standing ovations no less and cheers for Netanyahu
essentially sows seeds that propagate more hate
more massacres, more crimes against humanity
upon defenseless Palestinian people
all for a rogue state that is judged and CONDEMNED
by World Court decrees and by popular opinion
so many times castigated for extreme acts of vulgar aggression
reigning overt and covert terror from sea, air, land

No wonder moral folks from round the globe
are outraged by the shenanigans of US and Israel
day after day, night after night
all the horror, brutality and morbidity being brought to life
against the Palestinian people!

Shame, shame, shame on Obama, Hillary, Netanyahu
why so opposed to the health and well being of the Mideast?
a free Palestine along with refugees right of return
can bring real healing and a peace like there was before
the Zionist philosophy that got hatched in the late 1880s by Herzl
culminating in '48 with a bloody massive miscarriage of justice
the demented UN mandate gives birth
to a deformed and disfigured Israel...