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RESIST WAR AND TYRANNY Poetry Not For The Faint Of Heart 9-11-2001--2012, 2013

Short Story: A Suicide Bomber

It was near the end of a long drive
in the beat-up looking white Toyota
the preferred car and choice color
soon to become the suicide bomber's
dream weapon from Allah...

Staring through the windshield glass
in the distance atmosphere twisting
whirling turbulent eddying red hot dust
over the blackened desert littered with rust
war junk spread across the desolate river valley
Tigris Euphrates once a palm grove oasis
no more now so bleak and oil-slicked
a blood-spilled wasteland paradise lost...

Suddenly a misty rainbow of fresh red hues appears
tragic doom looms over the horizon
at the main gate leading into Falluja

Vigilant soldiers guard checkpoints
not knowing death will soon arrive
while Muhammad looking forward
to the end of the long drive
surf the wind ride into the sky
greet Allah by the crescent moon and star light
Salaam Alaykum Alaykum Salaam

Target 200 yards away
feeling super charged foot mashes to floor
machine guns open up wheel out of control
taking bullets left and right
at last reached the destination goal
crashing through the reinforced concrete wall
alas the detonation blast at Alpha-X checkpoint

In less than a split second the roar
a massive orange fire-ball
smoke shrapnel debris security disintegrated
guards get wasted remains no longer
only bits and pieces of matter
scattered in ether in an haphazard manner
defying all laws of gravity
flying into the dark void of eternity

And so the impoverished resistance strong enough
and smart can gather gun powder and casings
build bombs set to key-stroke detonations
a fearsome force and fall so fast
for so formidable foe

No doubt the cycles of violence are on the rise
with more grim vengeance and death
no end in sight!

Michelle M Ruiz

I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really a stupendous work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts

Blackwing X says...

Dear Michelle M.Ruiz, thank you for your most precious comment; it brings an effervescent stream of inspirational consciousness flashing imagine. Please do not worry, hard lyrics flow now, for sure, with ease and BwX looks forward and bound to a brand new posting indeed. It is just a little matter of time in the timeless infinity, ha! As prases turn to stanzas and become scribed realities. Alas most welcome fresh poetry!

Happy New Year 2013, live and love with passion and fulfill your dreams and to you and yours be safe and sound, be creative and fearless, best wishes always Ms. Michelle M. Ruiz!

Your friend,
Blackwing X