Blackwing X

Resist Bush's New World Order

Bush deranged by bellicose nature
deluded with inflated ego mania
“decider” with arrogant behavior
insisted on leading the world
with iron hands, secret police, chains, cages and torture
shoving down our throats on a daily basis
insane edicts outrageous ultimatums and bad law...

We are gagging on lies propaganda, death threats and war
society strained squeezed scared to the core
suffering encompassing all wo-mankind for sure
Bush's New World Order, BLOODY WILD CHAOS!

We the popular peoples polled by the millions
deplore what is being perpetrated in our names
and it is our inherent right to resist the reckless gov
as the world got tossed by Bush and his cronies of sleaze
into an abysmal tail-spin that broke at free fall speed
plunging us so fast, flash, we enter the new dark age
on our way to crash 50,000 years before the wheel was made
going back to the stone age of the hunter gatherers!

However AmeriCon neo-liberal policies of domination for profit
produced one single fatal flaw
no escape from environmental POLLUTION let go in the biosphere
proliferating unabated at alarming speeds
acceleration with wars and occupations little doubt earth's degradation
and demise guaranteed indeed

If you use your wits and take a close look around
see then imagine all the accumulated toxic shit lasting eons
conclusion most likely we are headed well back before
plants and animals existed
could very well be bound for extinction

So tragically it may be too late to save ourselves and planet earth
however it is never too late to resist and defeat the demented
criminal hate mongers who rule and ruin the world!

The legendary Malcolm X fearless 'Mujahideen'
the peoples' premier liberation freedom fighter of the nineteen-sixties
to paraphrase what great Malcolm X says is RESIST
and defend ourselves “by any means necessary”
from the on-going assaults and destruction of society
by the heartless white racist hierarchy
whose disease ridden with hate, greed, and lust to own
with complete contempt for all wo-mankind
sadistically rapes and trashes
our families communities and Mother Earth
NIGGERS got to standup tall!
and talk back using their same foul language
as bullies use on a street corner, school yard or park
the only language they know
provoking obscene fights to kick
poor helpless black folks ass
cause white bullies feel so good
when they receive cries of pain what for?!
and screams of lord please have mercy!

And Malcolm essentially says, if shouting bullies down
with all our bellowing might do not stop them picking fights
then obviously must be listening on deaf ears
and must be met head-on physical
and it is OK to fight back like Bruce Lee with fists of fury
cause when speaking with snapping jabs to the heart
and powerhouse packed left and right hooks to the temples
and connecting the jaw with resounding one/two upper-cuts
and quaking at the knees pummeling kidney body punches
to the final stunning combo knockdown blows to eyes cheeks and nose
crashing flat to the mat on the bully's back
with the count one to ten KO...

Only when after bully wakes
and clears the cobwebs from off his scrambled brains
coming to his dimmed senses
fortunately by now bully fully understands
and comprehends what history shows
that fucking fascist freaks like Hitler Mussolini Tojo
who for all those years caused so much misery
with astronomical death tolls
always get beaten badly in the end, surrender and die miserable y'all

Truly there is no peace and freedom without the Resistance!