Blackwing X

Regarding Jesse Ventura's Interview With Larry King As Seen On Youtube TV Concerning Torture

What a way to expose a heinous felon
and how that would be phenomenal!
an earth shattering headline news event
(of course could never happen)
regarding ex-governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura's proposal
of being able to water-board Dick Cheney for one hour
to prove his point
however with just one twist to this hypothetical scenario...

Rather DC “admit to being the killer of Sharon Tate”
(actually would be no surprise at all
considering where DC was back in '69
imagine his escape from the shitty gov's bowels down in D.C.
for a wilding summer weekend on the prowl for sex and speed
along the hip sunny coast of CA
and meet up with party pal CIA MK-ULTRA experiment
Charles Manson get high and fuck his family!)...

Well have DC tell the truth or try to deny committing acts of treason
for the plan role-played and cover-up the inside job 9-11
admit to being an agent provocateur co-conspiring jackal
with Israeli Mossad
how USA intelligence FBI NSA and mainstream media CNN FOX
put blame on the patsies OBL and KSM for the Al-c-i-a-da attacks
how Arabs Islam Afghanistan and Iraq was scapegoated
why the USA was taken down the arrogant dim-witted war path
how it was all about an illegal invasion to kick Saddam's ass
then steal his bounty of oil resources
how the notion of never ending war on civilization
gone round the globe be fought
and on principle alone can never be won

To save himself
how long into a one hour water-board session do you suppose
before DC what JV calls chicken-hawk
(really quite a fat punk one of the greatest niggers known)
last before truths and lies start to flow?

Uh... maybe five minutes no more like five seconds
or less than five four three two one
cause instantly from underneath the soaked rag simulating drowning
water streaming in nose and mouth DC's in agony gagging
coughing-up water with repulsive gurgling "JC help"!
while gasping for air catching the next life-breath
suddenly convulsing as lungs fill-up
electric pacemaker short circuits
heart races atrial fibrillations in less than five seconds
four three two one the bloody heart explodes
VP DC succumbs from the deadly episode...

Bragging so hard for years and years probably to his dying day
proud torturing innocent scapegoats is in America's best interest
but really folks since 9-11 inside job great black-ops disaster
Arabs and Muslims are vilified and reviled adversaries
feared as rabid wild dogs that must be put-down
FALSE Arabs are good people and Islam is noble
struggling with passion from the violence and mayhem
that was immorally bestowed upon them
rightly-so they're fighting back heroic to martyrdom

And as JV points out just cause DC's corrupt crony chum
attorney general A. Gonzales changes the name torture
calling it “enhanced interrogations”
calling it something sounding kinder gentler huh!
makes not an iota bit difference friends
what name the dirty deed given is irrelevant
it's about being victimized inflicted with severe pain
and non-stop punishment

So people living in the space age 21st century
are forced to wither away in similar dark dungeon conditions
like the poor scapegoat European peasants and Pagans
who lived in medieval 5th through 16th century
in an isolation cell with no contact to the outside world
receiving daily doses of immeasurable punishment
from enhanced interrogation torture techniques
designed to be ever so cruel devastates the body
destroys the mind and will

How sad to be a captive “enemy non-combatant”
swept away to Abu Graib Gitmo or Baghram
or one of many other unknown secret black-op sites around the world
taken by force against one's will for whatever fictitious reason
the fact is people are innocent until proven guilty
without a shadow of doubt

How grim and brutal a fate to endure
deemed by the Geneva Conventions
a high crime side by side with murder abduction rape
against all wo-mankind for sure....