Blackwing X

A Punishing Life Inside Occupied Lands

From tiny tots to ripe old ages
for generations peoples in the West Bank and Gaza
endure dehumanizing malicious Israeli behavior

Everyday Palestinians must face a myriad of violent escapades
at the hands of warped settlers committing heinous crimes A to Z
cause the government permits and tolerates outrageous atrociousness
and when the IDF looks on not much can be done to prevent or stop a mess
not ever a penalty for criminal activity against the Palestinian
as crimes against humanity forever keep on building up

Just to mention a few atrocities in the West Bank alone
rock throwing settlers at adolescent boys and girls
on their walk no no no run of dread doom
and gloom to and fro home and school
there's constant axing of ancient olive trees
sniping bullets at harvest pickers
gangs of young wilding Jewish hoodlums
rampaging felons through defenseless Arab villages
creating bedlam terrorizing old men women children with vicious beatings
vandalizing cars slashing tires smashing windows
defacing storefronts houses mosques cemetery headstones
with low-life vulgarities racist hate graffiti

And illegal settlers grab and squat what remains the very last
most cherished agricultural dunams
all going for expansion more illegal outposts and settlements
more barrier walls and razor wire fence
more Israeli only highways and byways
occupation foul from occupiers pollution
degrades and litters the entire countryside folks

Then there are other forms of collective punishment in Gaza
home demolitions deadly incursions tank and artillery bombardments
predator drones Cobras F16s attacking with impunity
Hamas's leadership and lightly armed militant wing
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades
Hellfire missiles blowing up blocks of buildings
taking out hundreds human beings
power stations blasted no water pumping no electric
blockades of food fuel medicine shipments
the barest necessities for life produce sick shivering famished peoples for sure

No chance ever for civility in Israel
when indigenous people banned to live in their own land
the best scenario surrender means obey the master's plan
that is pure nonsense to say the least accept a most intolerable situation
a role in life as indentured servant or worse fall prey as slaves of USA-Israel
whose welded together with iron fists is without a doubt deplorable!