Blackwing X


The Siege And Destruction Of Ancient Al-Qiam

Just past 6 P.M. sundown
the end of another long chaotic day
in occupied Baghdad town

But now in the Northwest Iraqi occupation zone
a serious new war drama was about to unfold
the debut production Operation Steel Curtain
the siege and destruction of ancient Al-Qaim

Charlie Company Last Mission

Six months in six months to go
an army discharge than homeward bound
retired a civilian see after the kiddies and Mrs.
get on with life business as usual
is in the back of most grunts minds'

Charlie Company first Marine battalion
just received orders
mop the city of Falluja

Bomb Blast In Central Baghdad

The blast bellowed throughout central Baghdad
7:45 A.M. when police officers frequently stop
for beans and egg breakfast
at the local Abu Nuwas restaurant

As the story goes
a big burly rude and surly guard at the door
began poking fun in sadistic jest
jabbing his stubby fingers into the man's chest
looking down his fat nostrils snorted
“what you want sandnigga?
show your I.D. papers shorty!”
snoting and slobbering spit in the man's face

A Slice Of An Agonized Day In Iraq

12 P.M. Sadr City on purple heart boulevard
where Abrams Bradleys Hummers patrol
assignment looking for insurgents on the prowl
hoping to find Alcaeda fighters
planting an improvised roadside bomb

Suddenly from two roof tops 13 insurgents pop-up
gun shots ring out bullets clank and ping
off Hummer's reinforced armor plates

AmeriCo We Had Enough Of Being Conned Speaking Truth To Power

Obama your feet got to be held to the fire
cause the world is fed up with AmeriCo's wars and occupations
and demand peace and justice now
not two four six eight ten years from now
now cause you got the power and prestige of the premier presidency
and it's as easy as a putting your pen-point to paper
with scribbling stroking signature
sign seal deliver a document ending the conflicts
raging in the Mid and Near-east...