Blackwing X


Resist Bush's New World Order

Bush deranged by bellicose nature
deluded with inflated ego mania
“decider” with arrogant behavior
insisted on leading the world
with iron hands, secret police, chains, cages and torture
shoving down our throats on a daily basis
insane edicts outrageous ultimatums and bad law...

A Bizarre Story: USA Immigration Policies Fact Or Fiction?

A 15 year old Afghani won a parochial school scholarship
and student visa to the United States of America...
doing well and with only a few days left before the end
of the semester commencing summer's vacation
he accidently crashed his word software document
and with no backup or print copy could not recover the content
thus lost his term-paper forever...

The Court Martial Of Private Barger (Sequel To Charlie Company's Last Mission)

Private Barger got ridiculed slapped around
spat on by his brothers
could not take all the blood and guts
that flowed in the streets of Falluja...

“You'll get tried by a tribunal
found guilty for bad attitude
thrown in the stockade wither away in solitude
die in agony spend eternity in hell dude”

Convoy Crosses Thin Red Line Lone Resistance Fighter Mission Destroy

It was Thursday the twelve two thousand-three
in the twilight stretch of day
on the long lonely remote desert highway
smack in the middle of the Sunni triangle
a landscape littered with rusted army junk
depleted uranium fragments sizes dust to chunk
strewn all over was poison and death
circa 1991 first gulf conflict...

A Story: So Sad Swept Away

It started one noon when the First Cav
entered into the bombed rubble-strewn streets
in the town called Nahjaf