Blackwing X


The Subject Of Torture

Interrogators orders come from the top
the President or perhaps a premier puppeteer
and orders are given with two thumbs up
it's A-OK to inflict amazing amounts of brutal pain and punishment
whether electro-shocked or punched in the face
whether cracked over the head from a beating with a stick
or dislocating shoulders with extremity stress techniques
what kinds of information are they trying to obtain
as the drill tip spins and bites through the skull into the detainees brain?
or keeping the captive chained to an ice cold concrete floor
caged in a cell so dismal with no light day or night 2-4-7-3-6-5
it goes on until the desired information extracted
and interrogators thoroughly satisfied

A Story: Oi Jewish Christian Zionists Israel Best Thing To Do Give It UP Let It Go

Many European Jews that survived WW2 and Hitler's tyranny
finally living the dream Zionism by reaching “the promised land”
theoretically free from persecution pogroms and holocausts
but no doubt deeply bitter and angry about the bloody past
Nazi nightmare experiences enflamed many a passionate Zionist
into a furious zealot filled with hate towards the Palestinian Arab
who had nothing to do with the plight of the Jew
didn't want any part of their dream
but were simply in the way of a corrupt UN mandate
for a far fetched belief
fulfilling big ambitions create the state Israel...

In Solidarity With The Palestinian People

Palestinians always had and always will have the right
to live in peace and tranquility with equality and respect
but had nor have little or none of those basic human rights
certainly not by living in the midsts of illegal settlements
when indigenous towns and villages in the West Bank
plagued by thousands crazed racist Jewish zealots
who among other things throw stones at little girls and boys
and chop down and burn ancient olive groves
forcing a poor farmer and family to exist on minimal aid junk food
is there no shame at what illegal settlers do in the name of Jahweh?

A Bizarre Story: USA Immigration Policies Fact Or Fiction?

A 15 year old Afghani won a parochial school scholarship
and student visa to the United States of AmeriCo...
doing well and with only a few days left before the end
of the semester commencing summer's vacation
he accidently crashed his word software document
and with no backup or print copy ould not recover the content
thus lost his term-paper forever...

A Tale: Flight Of The Phoenix The End And Beginning

Alas at the end of the last nuke blast
from underneath the smoldering red-hot Iranian ash
the most fabulous creature ever known throughout all wo-mankind
from ancient civilizations up to the present time...