Blackwing X


Speaking Truth To Obama (2009) #5

What a shame the U.S. of AmeriCo never learns
we are still paying off debts from Nam
now building up more debt and deficits in Iraq and Afghanistan
enslaving AmeriCo's peoples to pay for preemptive
and long drawn out dirty wars
as well as bailing out failed banks and corps
so fat cats on Wall street can take home big buck bonuses
and the government Senate Congress Republican
Democrat Independent receiving all kinds of slush funds
from lobbyists and P-A-Cs
huge sums of money for fulfilling unsavory favors and deeds...

Incapacitation Inside West Bank

Another source of anguish fear and loathing occupation
anticipating sooner or later the quality of life for the Palestinian
plummets to absolute miserable zero
at any one of hundreds ominous powder-keg checkpoints
where humiliating searches go on and keep on defiling
just once per lifetime mortifying enough
but everyday perhaps twice creates deeper dismay and animus

America's Gov So Dreadful A Morph

America the beautiful, born seventeen-seventy-six
with a revolutionary government for and by the people
in the land renowned to be a beacon of light for freedom
equality and justice for all (for real?)
however, simply for selfish reasons, morphed into something dreadful
today year twenty-eleven we have a grisly gobbling Ghoul gov
that lusts to eat flesh, blood, gut and bone the world
in a unrelenting manner with sadistic brutal force...

An Abbreviated Poetical Story Of Historical Palestine Late 1800's To the Present Time

It became a seriously bad situation for Palestinians
after dwelling millennia on a pristine coastal plain
along the aqua marine Mediterranean
as Zionism began to flow with five aliyah immigrations
first beginning late 1800s turn of the century
aliyahs were increasing to a steady stream
mostly on account of Balfour's declaration in '17
as local Jewish populations swelling upon the indigenous Arab lands
spilling over the rim in '20
results in the first heavy Jewish and Arab blood-letting...

Speaking Truth To Power Obama (2009) #3

Obama there's got to be change in the America's
bumbling bombing foreign policy
cause there is absolutely no rational rhyme or reason existing
for what is being perpetrated in the Swat Valley
with one exception essentially serves a minute minority
of mostly neo-liberal elitists
ultimately at the end of the day though
obviously is in no ones best interest