Blackwing X


A Philosophical And Critical Look At The Violent Hijacking Episode Of MV Mavi Marmara

MV Mavi Marmara sleek Turkish ferry
transformed into the flagship of an international peace flotilla
founded by two organizations IHH and The Free Gaza Movement
united together with a mission to non-violently defy and break
a mighty harsh illegally imposed Israeli blockade
to free at last
free at last
free free free Gaza
free free at last!

Bad Dream Ramble 2008 (Society At A Critical State!)

Bush's grip eight long years by iron and bloody actions
dishing out physical punishment and psychological shenanigans
2-4-7 night and day wake me out of this long bad dream 2008...

Then And Now Nightmare Baghdad

The sun set no moon or stars in the sky
electricity cuts not one light was on
streets abandoned dark and desolate
only a couple of wild dogs and feral cats
hide in back alleyway corners cowering
coalition imposed 10 to 4A.M. curfew
shoot to maim or kill anything
with two legs walking

Short Story: A Suicide Bomber

It was near the end of a long drive
in the beat-up looking white Toyota
the preferred car and choice color
soon to become the suicide bomber's
dream weapon from Allah...

Stop Military Aid To The Mightily Armed Israel

Make no mistake Obama
AmeriCo must stop military aid to Israel
among a myriad of reasons why it is reprehensible immoral
Israel is armed to the teeth and there happens to be
a perpetual intolerable situation Warsaw like Nazi occupation
going on in the West Bank and Gaza Palestine
where over four million people no different than you and me
forced to live drowning in a roiling sea of Israeli violence
as Arabs endure hardship pain and suffering every day of their lives
ground down under Israel's iron boot heels
these are giant reasons that stirs passions fuels uprisings Intifadas
most devastating suicide bombers and all out battles for freedom