Blackwing X


If You Think About It Deeply

If you think about it deeply
Israel has an extreme dubious beginning
as it was filled with raging controversy
cause it was created in an era with a pro-Zionist mainstream media
with no alternative press to counter lies
and since there was little truth printed in the West
it was simple to create mass bias and prejudice
with an outpouring of sympathy and material support
for a Jews only homeland...

Past And Present Fanatical Zionists Who Don't Mind Mass Murder

And so it started late 1880s with the advent of Zionism
led by Hertzl and later by Weizman, Ben Gurion and Mier to follow
lobbied methodically throughout the Western world
Europe's heads' of state
kings and queens, the President and Senate
the most rich and powerful bankers, business magnets
and military industrialists the globe had ever seen...

Israel Fearing And Loathing, Palestine And Friends Resisting, Resisting

The subject of this story is about the Israeli people
and how and why they fear and loath the world
cause essentially they cannot have their own selfish way
be 100% perfectly acceptable Jew's only homeland
built on the back of Palestine
aside from that, a real part of the Zionist plan
with or without permission, Israel insists to expand
to a much greater land called Eretz Israel...

A Poetical Miscellany Regarding Jews, Zionism And Palestine

Jews who are very perturbed by the evils of Zionism
must not remain silent no more
it is simply disgraceful to let Zionists get away with occupation and murder
as well as jam their quite contrary philosophy into Judaism
philosophizing, Jews must have their own homeland
on the back of the Palestinian wo-man
is an outrageous foul notion
to a pious Jew's body, mind and soul...

Shame Shame Shame On Zionists Obama, Hillary, Netanyahu

Just as Jews were scapegoated back in '33
under Hitler's diabolical tyranny
so similarly today's Arabs and Muslims scapegoated post 9-11
primarily by Israeli and Zionist led US and Anglo govs and press