Blackwing X

Past And Present Fanatical Zionists Who Don't Mind Mass Murder

And so it started late 1880s with the advent of Zionism
led by Hertzl and later by Weizman, Ben Gurion and Mier to follow
lobbied methodically throughout the Western world
Europe's heads' of state
kings and queens, the President and Senate
the most rich and powerful bankers, business magnets
and military industrialists the globe had ever seen...

Zionists were out for their own selfish quest
and successful by their ways and means
at creating the new state for Jews only Israel

No matter to the Zionist building upon the back of the poor Palestinian
no matter offending millions and millions of people, Arabs, gentiles and Jews
the Zionists are expanding a greater Eretz Israel
believe it or not, the goal, own most if not all the land
from where the Tigris and Euphrates meet, all the way down to the Nile...
sounds asinine actually no, are the notions of rabbi extremists
rabbi racists beyond belief
the most terrible who live to hate far worse than Aryan Nation or KKK
for instance the infamous rabbi M. Kahane (thankfully deceased)
a fanatical Zionist Jew and most revered
was opposed to Palestine and opposed to peace
head of the defunct Kach party/movement chose to preach hate
and violence living by the might of the gun
advocating genocide and drive the Palestinian
into the Mediterranean sea
and then confiscate the West Bank and Gaza Strip
for a greater Eretz Jewish Israel

Then take religious zealot Baruch Goldstein also thankfully deceased
a squatter in Hebron, who one day in '94
acted criminally and morally insane
armed with a high tech weapon, the full automatic M16
walked inside the Ibrahim mosque and went on a shooting spree
shot down dead 29 Palestinians praying to Allah
and wounded 125 more all in the name of Jahweh
Goldstein was out to execute everyone non-Jewish
for the Jews only homeland

And with the ultra orthodox religious and racist Shas party
and most powerful extreme rightists Likud
the two together close allies and dominate the Knesset
feeding on each other's unholy chutzpah
conjures up most vicious policies and law
designed to humiliate, demean, make life miserable for sure
enforced to the point where all Palestinian peoples
are finally killed off, imprisoned or driven into diaspora

And imagine if you dare
a chief Israeli spiritual leader
who happens to be an ultra extreme character
filled with so much hatred for the goy
words like, a fucking monster, do not describe his moral nature
openly calls for missile attacks and annihilation of Gaza, West Bank
rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Violence, Bloodshed his middle name
in a position with so much power
and most influential over criminals B. Netanyhu, A. Lieberman
S. Perez, A. Barack and top generals of IDF
in a dim lit room thinking out loud, not about divide and conquer
by way of deception, (essentially Mossad creates useless messes
not good for Israel, not good for US)
but about sparking Armageddon the pinnacle of ignorance
utter destruction of life on earth as we know it
as rabbi Yosef prays be victorious killing the world off
flying fast into the sky leaving a radioactive firestorm behind
to greet and meet lord-god Jahweh in heaven
as rabbi gives the order to Bibi, who with a wink gives the nod
to Liberman, Perez, Barack whose itching fingers presses upon
the triggers that launches ICBMs-MIRVs JERICHOs
tipped with 750 kilos each of thermonuclear bombs
oh Christ, how doom looms!...