Blackwing X


Israeli super paranoia beyond psychosis
fear and loathing for decades directed at Islamic Iran
who stands on its wits, super intelligent
with huge courage, not buckling under from torment
dire threat and constant Israeli sabotage
trying to prevent Iran, a complying member of IAEA
from generating electric, fueled by nuclear energy...

Amadinejad and Ayahtollah speaking truth to power
“Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama
we stand for Palestine's jihadi liberation
as we do not accept brutal Israeli occupation
which happens to be IMMORAL and dead wrong!”

And the world knows and Iran realizes
what a relative simple task it is for Israel
to incinerate Iran in a thermonuclear holocaust
with a fleet of Dolphin class subs lurking under the Arabian Sea
that fire “Popeye” rocket WMDs
or launch the land based Jericho arsenal of ICBMs tipped with MIRVs
or let go the colossal air-armada of assorted super-sonic attack bombers
mostly squadrons of indomitable F15s
carrying pay-loads of nuke bunker-busters
two to four-hundred at least
is easy enough for Israel not be hesitant
cause in less than a split instant the mushroom clouds transforms Iran
from quality sustainable life to white-hot ash wasteland
sending her back thousands of years before The Stone Age began

Even if Iran had an MX missile system that rivals the US
that can cause apocalyptic destruction from East to West
no matter, Iran does everything in her own way to avoid war
(and pays high prices with Persian treasure)
cause Iran is civil and realizes it has no chance to win
not one thing to gain and everything to loose
knows is futile going to war against mighty US Israel...

And so after thousands of years of flourishing
the thought of Iran's ceasing to exist is frightfully disturbing
her annihilation would be a tragic calamity
transcends the 4 “China Syndrome” incidents
unfolding in Fukushima Japan all at once
it would mean the end of a gigantic civilization
and woebegone millions of exceedingly upstanding peoples

So Amadinejad and Ayahtollah will not be sucker-punched
nor be bullied and humiliated into setting off WW3
no matter how provocative and heinous the US and Israel be
like when bombing the Revolutionary Guard base at Bid Kaneh
killing many revered soldiers and top generals
while simultaneously taking out stocks of sophisticated rockets
and then flattening Isfahan yellow cake processing facility
with disregard to fallout contamination on humanity
and cowardly assassinations of nuclear science college profs
on any street corner in Tehran
or most likely in front of their house or mosque
or how about criminally insane minds' that stages false flag ops?
cause security agencies like FBI's policy is to entrap
make a patsy out of a dumb schmuck Texas car salesman
who fell victim to a phony plan
to bomb the KSA's diplomat to the UN
Manssor Arbabsiar an Iranian-American busted for zero
spends a week interned in a US iron cell
strapped down to the infamous Gitmo water-board
round the clock in a state of living hell torture
of course blames Iran as mastermind for the Jokers plot...

Time after time US gives itself or Israel
a totally false excuse, a plain hoax like Arbabsiar
or the underwear or shoe bomber
sensational stories that sell on TV
glittery GO GO GO military operations
like firing barrages of Tomahawk cruise missiles
or Marines boots on the ground invasions
of sovereign states whenever it desires or wishes
oh what a joy to blow and burn to oblivion
knowing only thing left remaining is radioactive cinders
but CAUTION, DO NOT CROSS Iran's thin red line
cause all bets are off when her gleaming sword unsheathes and shines
with the familiar and ferocious battle cry
ALLAHU AKBAR god is great!

How ironic Bibi and Barack act exactly like Hitler
will incinerate to charcoal carbon crisps
and exterminate twenty-five thousand real beautiful genuine Jews
(is that what Israel is supposed to do destroy genuine Jews?
or is Israel about saving Jews lives
from hateful hostile hurtful gentiles!)
never the less these gentle folks
simply choose not be Zionist Israeli
and live in occupied Palestinian territory
under extraordinarily harsh and nasty Nazi like conditions

Iranian Jews happily be and remain Persian Iranian
accepted whole heartedly by the Islamic community
all dwell together in peace and harmony
and no doubt some love
for hundreds maybe thousands years
in the mystical land so rich in culture
spiritualism, music, art, architecture
science, language, magic, nature...


Beautiful Jewish-Iranian Actress
Does Israel really want to burn her to a charcoal carbon crisp?

Tehran at night

Icy tree lined street in Tehran


Northwestern Iran

Persian outdoor teahouse

Iranian village in Kurdistan

Pear orchard Shiraz

Shahzadeh gardens

Chahar Bagh Avenue Isfahan

Tehran metro

Tehran hookha lounge

Iranian food

Falooda ice-cream Iranian style

Students playing in snow

Beautiful Iranian lady shopping for lipstick

Tehran traffic cops (notice Police spelled in English!)

The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei greeting a rabbi

President Amadinejad greeting rabbis