Blackwing X

Israel Fearing And Loathing, Palestine And Friends Resisting, Resisting

The subject of this story is about the Israeli people
and how and why they fear and loath the world
cause essentially they cannot have their own selfish way
be 100% perfectly acceptable Jew's only homeland
built on the back of Palestine
aside from that, a real part of the Zionist plan
with or without permission, Israel insists to expand
to a much greater land called Eretz Israel...

And when the truth be told to Israel
that it is impossible to fulfill Zionism's grandiose dream
without in effect triggering off calamities
Israel acts like a tempestuous child
that has grown up angry with a.d.d
starts screaming hysterically, carrying out temper tantrums
systematically humiliating, beating, arresting
punishing Palestinians for 63 years straight on
destroying infrastructure, commerce, homes and farms
the adult-child denies the truth
blaming everyone including their victims
for all of Arabs woes and misfortunes
and as long as Israel tries so hard to hold on
clutching to keep what never belonged
by pretending to own Palestine by “god's” say so
all that amazing bad behavior brings up and out
Israeli fear and loathing in astonishing large amounts!

Day by day as damage is done
resistance to brutal occupation mounts
and takes on many forms and fronts
from angry criticisms of Israel all across the blogosphere
to World Court rebukes at the Hague
to outraged masses of populous burning the Israeli flag
at Israeli embassies and consulates in cities all around the globe

To stone throwing teens and youths
who have reached the limits of Israeli humiliations
takes much guts to riot in the face of monsters
firing tear gas and bullets
in the streets and alleyways of Gaza, Hebron, Nablus

To the International Solidarity Movement
the ISM activists for Palestinian peoples rights
artists, journalists, scholars, play-writes
that defend and literally become human shields
against extreme violence that comes from vulgar illegal settlements
ISM always on the march in non-violent protest
always documenting with pen and camera
cold blooded IDF murder...

To all the way up to the tip of the sharp spear
of the Palestinian resistance movement
the brave militants Izz ad-din Al-Qassam Brigades
and Fatah digging in
against all odds preparing to defend their families and territories
with M16s and RPGs
from the next deadly Israeli incursion in the West Bank and Gaza....