Blackwing X

Incapacitation Inside West Bank

Another source of anguish fear and loathing occupation
anticipating sooner or later the quality of life for the Palestinian
plummets to absolute miserable zero
at any one of hundreds ominous powder-keg checkpoints
where humiliating searches go on and keep on defiling
just once per lifetime mortifying enough
but everyday perhaps twice creates deeper dismay and animus

Cause IDF conscript guards teenagers hardly any grown peach-fuzz
extremely hyper moody doing their nasty duty
with testosterone and estrogen level surges
and no respect for Islam or Arabs senior junior or peer of any gender
they fire up their own hostile juices
aggressively egging on travelers and commuters
through the barrier complex maze of corridors lined with iron bars
all the while subjected to pokes and jabs certainly derogatory comments
can be detained at any point interrogated
demeaned by the superior bosses
easily lasting hours and hours days on end
while others searched can be taken prisoner
for weeks months years forever friend!


Cause not carrying an i.d. card or frisked at gun point
while infidels hands rub up and down pants touching private body parts
feeling for nonexistent weapons and bombs
too much degradation too intense to endure
not to express discontent with visible rage and resist that's for sure
spit slap scratch punch kick natural reflex actions
but far too hurtful and humiliating for the arrogant groping guards
thus the poor Palestinian bodily swept away
to the dungeon in shackles and chains
the charge of the crime molesting an Israeli teenager

And for other unlucky residents who happen to leave the West Bank
even for just one day
when coming back home can be denied the right to return
there is no rational explanation other than the victim happens to be Palestinian
never allowed to go back home must ache beyond belief
and when that vacancy arises the opportunity to confiscate exists
land house personal property deed
it all comes in a neat package and quick as a wink

So many people tortured everyday living a devastated refugee's life in ruin
the unimaginable suffering and hardship so sorrowful and so poor
will keep on rebelling no matter how bad and lopsided the odds are
until there is peace freedom equality
for the West Bank Gazan Palestinian
Afghani Iraqi Waziristani people that's for sure....