Blackwing X

If You Think About It Deeply

If you think about it deeply
Israel has an extreme dubious beginning
as it was filled with raging controversy
cause it was created in an era with a pro-Zionist mainstream media
with no alternative press to counter lies
and since there was little truth printed in the West
it was simple to create mass bias and prejudice
with an outpouring of sympathy and material support
for a Jews only homeland...

If you think about it deeply
bottom line the idea and design of Zionism
and Israel is vastly flawed
though propagandized as righteous to create safe haven for persecuted Jews
(by the way, most obvious failing miserable in that department too)
besides it is quite contrary to the ideal practice of Judaism
do un to and let well as thou shall not kill
spoken by pious rabbis and peaceful mindful Jews
in the past were vehemently opposed to Israel
unfortunately the wisest voices were muffled, ignored
hence Zionism would take foot-hold
and with Aliyah begin to flourish
ultimately it was a highly immoral terror campaign
against Palestinians and the British
that forced the birth of Israeli statehood
into the poor poor Palestinians' mouth
and violently shoved down the gullet

If you think about it deeply
Zionists are no friend of Arabs and Muslims
and a Jew's only Israel means pure discrimination
on gentiles that is every one non-Jewish
Heathen, Pagan, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist
according to Torah scriptures written and its interpretation
(even though no one can claim for sure the origins of the scroll
therefore every story truly lacks all credibility y'all)
yet Israeli gentiles considered as both second class citizens and souls!
however there are pious rabbis benevolent and kindly
who fight back the counter Zionist rabbi philosophy
and will moralize to their flocks
and scoff at the idea of superiority
and in good conscience will not look down and mock at people
only showing respect and treating them with dignity
and so there are Jews especially sensitive who embrace Arabs and Islam
with open hearts' and arms and kisses as part of the extended global clan
can sit side by side with total strangers of any race or creed
and become friends with any alien foreign culture and feel free
sharing food and feelings just like at home with his Jewish family
and apolitical pious Jews from everywhere will agree
everyone on earth are human species and stride for equality

And if you think about it deeply
Israel is no friend of Bedouin either and can never be
and just to be clear Jews who live for goodness
are friends with Bedouins over the centuries
and would never forbid the nomad of the Negev
to wander the desert from oasis to oasis and then do the unthinkable
like on a wild West cattle drive only Zionist IDF style
round-up all the stray Bedouin refugees
that were displaced by Israeli bullets and bombs
herd them into a walled penitentiary similar to Gaza's
a hellhole concentration camp for real!

And if you think about it
while America pretends to be Israel's best friend
because of such a large Zionist Congress and executive ADM
Israel is really America's worse enemy and
America really acts psychopathic and crazy
on behalf of the Israeli
as the US becomes half lap-dog-half Pit-Bull
kisses, licks, showers rewards Israel
in billions dollars of blue-ribbon quality WMDs
given to the merciless Netanyahu cutthroat buccaneer indeed
who especially takes pleasure in killing masses of Palestinian people
and ISM human rights defender human shields

And so if you think about it, Israel has NO REAL friends
especially when peoples must bow down
and kiss with love and acceptance Israel's cold iron hand
while dripping their very own blood
and by judging what kinds of actions Israel do
for instance Operation Cast Lead
the hijacking of MV Mavi Marmara
mowing down dozens non-violent protestors in Golan dead
really is Syria's Heights occupied in '67
all Israel's massacres condemned time and again
since the beginning for 63 years straight on
number one rogue nation in the world!...