Blackwing X


From '33 to '45 when Nazis and the 3rd reich reigned
especially from '39 in the beginning of WW2
to the bitter, bitter end
Nazis murdered, stole, interned and tortured
countless defenseless downtrodden European Jews
who were the scapegoats of Hitler's Nazi horrors
experiencing first hand brutalization being bashed
broken. burned and buried in mass...

Jews never forget the terror, pain, suffering
being objects of persecution
under the mad tyrant Der Fuhrer
being killed in their country dwelling homes'
and or city apartment flats'
or simply out in the streets of towns, villages and hamlets
was shot-down or rounded up and tossed in walled off ghettos
or bleak and sinister concentration camps
in the genocidal attempt to smash an entire religion
and simultaneously exterminate all the peoples following...

So one in good conscience must be compelled to ask the question
why on earth are Israeli Jews
so abusive towards millions Palestinian Arabs?
what did the Palestinian do to be the brunt of such woe and misery?
as they had absolutely nothing to do with WW2
nor the pitiful plight of the persecuted European Jew...

How ironic a twist
innocent Palestinian peoples suffering mercilessly
at the hands of the Nazi victims
who themselves escaped mass death or slavery
and now own Palestine, locked it up
like imprisoned in maximum security
inmates wrapped in chains and strapped in leg-irons
paralyzed to move
with a lifetime sentence for a crime they did not commit
with not much chance of escape, parole or pardon
of course it is cruel and unusual punishment
but par for the course, occupation and internment
by the mighty Zionist Jews of Israel

Consider some of what Palestinians experience behind bars
Gazans especially suffering from extreme brutality beyond belief
whether from IDF ground incursions or ariel bombardments
Palestinian, men, women, children are being blown to smithereens
by 500 or 2000 pound bombs dropped from F15s
some bombs packed with TNT dynamite
other bombs loaded with cluster-mini-bomb-lets
jammed with hundreds ball bearings to maim indiscriminate
knowing very well children pick them up thinking they are toys
and so sadly soon discover, the damn outrageous device explodes
in little hands and faces, loosing eyes and severing limbs...
and do not forget white-hot phosphorus bombs dropped with impunity
from the Chinook, Cobra chopper or Apache
molten gel sticks like glue burns every type of mammal
dog, cat, cow, donkey, or Bedouin's camel
burns through fur, hair, hide, skin
right through bone that turns to charcoal

And just like defenseless civilians
Jewish men, women and children
were gunned down by Hitler's Nazi army, SS or Gestapo
on any European city street or village road
in towns and places like Kiev, Berlin, Lyon, Krackow
how ironic a twist
when orders are given by Netanyahu
exact same thing happening to Arabs
in places like Gaza, East Jerusalem, Ramallah
innocent people of all ages
shot down dead with impugn by
savage Israeli cops and soldiers
or criminally insane Mossad agents

And so it appears very evident
the costly Zionist effort seems like never enough
as Knesset policies dominated by Likud and Shas
has always been for a greater Eretz
expansion deep into Gaza
deeper in West Bank, deep into the Mideast
cause from the extremest point of view
whether a politician like Netanyahu
or the most orthodox rabbi in the upper echelon
of the rabbinical hierarchical order in Israel
like rabbi Ovadia Yosef who states publicly
wants a missile launched on every Palestinians head
or every Arab should catch, god forbid it, the plague
as the disease drops every gentile down dead

And so as you can plainly see
just as the innocent Jew was a scapegoat and treated brutally
by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime
today the Israeli blames the victim Palestine, for all their woe
with little differences between the savagery of the Nazi that stole
and like Jews struggled day by day to stay alive
Palestinians must persevere through torment, abuse
and a myriad of horrors themselves everyday to survive
cause the Palestinians, now, just as Jews back then
are on the receiving end of bloody iron-fist Nazi Israeli tyranny
how ironic a twist...