Blackwing X


Shame on Zionist, Jewish or Christian with no concern or care
who do not give a crap about Palestinian people, old or young
froze in petrifying fear
from the ominous rumbling sound
of the super-sized Israeli tanks, in a mile long column
heading up the barren road leading into Gaza...

Tragically Gazans are prevented from coming or leaving home
cause Israel built an internment fence long ago
the Strip is locked in on 3 land sides, North, East, South
and to think the fence can be penetrated or scaled
are fantastic thoughts of suicide
cause any daring person that risks an attempt
will easily be picked-off by IDF...

In the West, lies the coast of Gaza and Mediterranean sea
with ruthless illegal Israeli naval blockade
remember the hijacking episode of MV Mavi
and the Shayetet 13s murdering spree?
8 Turks and 1 American, Farrakhan Dogan age 19
shot 5 times point blank range
in face, head, chest and legs like a mafioso style execution...
(even USA stays clear of issues like Israeli blockade
in fear of insulting fanatical Zionists powers that be
resulting without no hesitation the most dire consequences indeed
like diabolical retribution, perhaps in epic biblical proportions
like launching missiles with MIRV warheads, all around the globe
zooming in on the most valued target of all
nuclear powered Iran y'all)

And so no Gazan can ever escape by sailing ship
and no Gazan can dream like Peter Pan about flying away for good
airport bombed years ago, creators up and down the runway
everyone in Gaza grounded and locked down indefinitely
in a maximum security, open-air penitentiary

What really is most worrisome
Gazans are defenseless against the Israeli reigns of terror
cannot stop the sophisticated 21st century killing onslaughts
as fierce as Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades are
cannot repel the IDF with Ak47s and rocket propelled grenades
people must hunker down in their vulnerable cement block homes
and pray to Allahu Akbar, their dwelling not be blown
and all the people inside large, medium and small
not be blasted to blood, guts, pulp
nor crushed under tons of concrete rubble
like so many thousands Palestinians before have succumb

With no place to take refuge or safe haven
and no safe deep underground bomb shelters available
no place to run, no place to hide
cannot flee nor fend for their own
without massive anti-aircraft missile fire
and without short and medium range guided rocket weaponry
cannot take out Israeli artillery, in no man's land
where no man, woman nor child dare roam
and god forbid starved people should till that soil
sow seeds and grow food crops
are in jeopardy of being shot dead on the spot
by the sniping guards, in their outpost towers!

And when orders are given for no good reason, what-so-ever
Israeli mammoth smooth bore cannons commence fire
shell after shell, lobbed over the horizon
hitting random targets across the landscape
creating hell on earth for the Gazan

And as soon as the artillery barrage ends
another level of intense violence begins
coming from high up above, air-raid sorties
F15s, Apaches, pilotless drones
armed with assortments of American made ordinances
white phosphorus that burns skin to bone
razes to smoldering cinders, UN food-aid storage depots
greenhouses, chicken-coops, factories, farms all go up in smoke
while Hellfire missiles and 500 pound bombs
pulverize infrastructure, water treatment facilities, power plants
Hamas institutions, houses, hospitals
the Islamic University and holy mosques
become mound after mound of bits and pieces of waste
debris, ash and dust

And as the air raids fade
Palestinian peoples put in a perilous predicament
in the path of the invincible mile long tank column
entering through the ugly Israeli iron-barred gates
of Gaza Strip refugee city/camp...
as the tank column snakes its way
through deserted, narrow, twisting streets
into densely populated neighborhoods, set ablaze
IDF firing on block after block
into houses, windows, store fronts
as tanks roll over autos
flattening them like aluminum soda cans
leaves a wake of junk and destruction
and IDF soldiers batter down front doors
break-in, ransack, defile every room in the interiors...
arresting people shoving them out into the streets
some get hooded, hand-cuffed, and swept away
no due process, no trial nor jury
just another unlucky poor soul interned perhaps forever
reason being, they are trapped in Gaza
and happen to be Palestinian

The agony and woe of suffering goes beyond belief
how Palestinians live in ever present physical danger and mental grief
Israel's crimes against humanity so numerous and severe
there is no rational justification why Israel acts like an ogre
with so much loathing towards Palestine
it is the next unprovoked and repugnant, internationally denounced
immoral IDF incursion that can easily level Gaza!