Blackwing X


This story is really about morality
a most important quality trait for a human being
moral is like an idiosyncrasy linked to building character and identity
for instance, like raised in the culture of the family Jewishness
and proudly calling oneself Jewish
believing hard in oneself, to be pious, gentle, ethical
devout to lord Jahweh, who is up above us all...
and a role model citizen, with not one single foe
doing righteous going by heart, mind, body, soul
such as understanding the supreme importance of neighborliness
and if and when they be in need, act with extending helping hands
whenever possible doing the good deed, indeed, indeed!
generally speaking, is that not what the decent devotee
of Judaism strides for in life?

However, it looks like the fundamentals of organized religion
have gotten to be filled with crime and corruption
and Jews are certainly no exception when morals are rejected
to the point where ethics, debased then perverted
it happens quite easily, out of fear, greed, jealousy, lust
irrational thoughts and behaviors bring on like compulsiveness
cheating, lying, stealing becomes perfectly acceptable common place practice
even beating, burning, bombing and shooting people in the back
becomes just another ho-hum ordinary experience

Cause tragically many religious preachers' sermons embed in the consciousness
of the vast numbers of congregations and flocks
to believe in violence and prejudice
and oddly enough, religion has different sects and beliefs of their own
whose members have glaring differences amongst themselves
along with confounding extreme fundamentalism
come wasteful interminable conflicts and war
going back for centuries and centuries, who is right and who is wrong?
for instance, the on going feuds and conflicts
between the Shiite and Sunni Muslims
or Roman Catholic and Irish Protestant Christians

Never the less there are glaring differences
amongst Jews and Jewish sects between themselves
but the big, big conflict in morality goes on between Zionist Jews
and apolitical Jews who keep the faith
that many gentiles would regard as pious

And the major glaring difference between an apolitical Jew
who practices gentility and the “golden rule”
vs. the Zionist Jew who will have not a thing to do
with that good old fashioned stuff called peace and tranquility
cause over 5700 years ago on the peak of Mt. Sinai
god gave Moses the 10 commandments etched in stone
from those tablets, came the morals and sole basis
for the whole Jewish religion being born
however, for the Zionist the 4 most paramount laws are broken or ignored
“1, prohibit murder
2, theft
3, false testimony
4, coveting of one's neighbor's goods”
evidently proof Zionists are opposed to the principles of Jahweh and Moses
cause of what Zionists have done and do in the name of god and Israel
inflicting so much death and destruction on innocent Palestinians
which in billions of peoples views makes them look like awful hypocrites

What a moral statement made when the apolitical Jew
is opposed to Zionism and Israel!
it is truly a Zionist Jew's nemesis
not being able to define and live by the word moral
however a mindful Jew opposed to Israel
is very sincere and serious about morality
practicing non-violence and other humanist ways, like compassion
has no problem at all defining moral
cause it is natural to feel good through and through
but glumly, without comprehension and understanding
is impossible for the Zionist to be easy going on Palestinians
the end of conversation and really, really, bad

For instance, take a look by the way settlers behave
in Hebron and West Bank blinded with hatred and rage
infected with extremest dogma
(see settlers in action on youtube TV caught on raw camera
mostly by ISM human shields)
settlers committing acts of violence transcends beyond belief
goes into the realm of the world of weird...
where is the morality in unjust savage behavior
when people act like they are ravaged with rabies
snarling, barking, foaming from the mouth
inflicting like deep biting flesh wounds
with all the ferociousness of like a mad dog...huh?

And how it is phenomenal, fanatical settlers remain clueless
about what is right and what is wrong
when humans are void of morals, oh how low they go
to the lowest depths of civility
for example stoning little girls and boys
as they walk outdoors coming from school or going from home...
and farmers considered stewards of earth
providers of food the staff of life!
yet cannot stop the wholesale destruction
of their ancient olive groves nurtured for generations
uprooted in one day and burned...
and sniping at olive pickers during harvest season
who many times are hit...
bulldozers grinding in the ground lush lemon and orange orchards
making way for more obscene condo like settlement expansion
and Jews only highways and byways roads
along with continuing Apartheid wall erection
defiling more of the pristine Palestinian countryside folks

Ironically all of the hatred and felony offenses in the heart of Hebron
and entire occupied West Bank
are tolerated, actually approved policy by Likud, Shas
and IDF always looks the other way
when a settler creates another bloody mess

So the message for Zionist Jews
and for that matter Christian Zionists too
is really simple enough
since the beginning, the Jewish homeland has been in turmoil
with non-stop shedding of innocent blood
and so it is time to avoid the life of morbidity and chaos
think about saneness, live, let live
never again taking extreme measures
like committing the shameful sin collective punishment

Zionists now is a great time to get back to pure Jewish roots
that is the highlife principles, values and highest ideals
and morals Judaism has to offer
that Jahweh bestowed upon Moses...
give up hatred, put down the guns and swords!
enough is enough of an eye for an eye
revenge mentality scribed in the Torah
realize how sweet it is for humanity to live like family
friends and good neighbor
harmonious in the present without worries of doom and death...
we all want a safe and secure life now 24/7
and sustainable non-stop into the future 3-6-5
well, well, well beyond year 20-12

Yes, to live the highlife in a world of equals, peace and freedom
by simply letting go for the betterment of all wo-mankind
the Zionist dream first got told by the “father of Zionism”
when once upon a time back in the late 19th Century
T. Herzl interpreted and spread a biblical tale
a special land reaping bounties of milk and honey
that would be safe haven for Jews in the West
from persecution, pogroms and holocausts
from England to Portugal, Spain, across the European continent
to the most eastern edge of Russia
a land exclusively for the “chosen few” Jews, by “god”
in a Jews only homeland state called Israel
built on top of Palestine's back
no doubt crushing breathless, all the Palestinian peoples....