Blackwing X

The Court Martial Of Private Barger (Sequel To Charlie Company's Last Mission)

Private Barger got ridiculed slapped around
spat on by his brothers
could not take all the blood and guts
that flowed in the streets of Falluja...

“You'll get tried by a tribunal
found guilty for bad attitude
thrown in the stockade wither away in solitude
die in agony spend eternity in hell dude”

Not so Barger still proves to be one great fighter
not to be taken lightly his new weapon
slices with ease through the thickest skull-bone
into the toughest muscle brain matter...
indeed he did with fresh found protester's voice
cut open the minds' of his court-martial'ers...

“Judges Generals Lafayette Arnold Von Steuben
the real criminals is Bush and Cheney
a wild west gun toting zealots for gov duo
most outlawed gang ever to rule y'all
waving swastika flags day and night
xenophobe patriots for hate night and day
salutations round the clock Seig Heil Hitler
policies extermination all non-white-skin people
billions black brown yellow red other and the remainder
who do not accept Jesus Christ lord and savior
and refuse to wear a crucifix
and stand to the Star Spangle Banner
or wear a star of David
and sing the Israeli national anthem for that matter...

No future in scapegoating bad plan divide slaughter
conquer subjugate the peoples of Afghanistan Iraq
Palestine Iran next GO GO GO guaranteed for sure... took one tour of shoot to kill kill or be killed
but it was the last blasts pumped into that unconscious man's body
that lay about dead in Falluja
must confess my conscience in shreads
for being a ruthless butcher
unfair unjust the modern barbarian soldier

Laid down my weapon vowed never to kill another again
invasion occupation dead dead dead wrong
U.S.A out of Iraq and Afghanistan now
and no more arms for Israel

...and for my deadly dehumanizing acts always deeply weeping
dealing with dread today tonight tomorrow
brain spases intolerable grief and sorrow
sharp pierces stabbing pains like a knife slashed through heart
guilt infected festering melancholia self-inflicted suffering
wondering how can there ever be an end to the mending
cause fresh scabs keep ripping open oozing life
that is failing fast and is going going going gone...
must rest my case in an abysmal state PTSD
no reason to keep me prisoner request dismiss set me free
to strive for inner and outer peace”...

Well well well Judges rocking in their high benches
marveling by the soldier's honest testimony
respecting those compelling admonishments
speaking truth to power at Bush-Cheney
with fine personal plea to be free free free
no doubt about it in less than one minute
a verdict came crystal clear consensus “not guilty”

“Private Barger we your court martial'ers
Generals Judges Lafayette Arnold Von Steuben
finds you innocent of the charges
laying down a Marine's best friend M16
and not chicken to quit your tour
quite contrarily a sane conscientious objector
with courage to stand against Bush and the core
no doubt about it made you a vet with honor for sure

This tribunal condemns the mission
Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom
a colossal blunder beyond belief
that neocon cakewalk awful fucking Tomfoolery

We agree a ghastly situation stemming fundamentally
from degenerate notions and ill-conceived plans
like New American Century brought on by macho men
addicted to debauchery that comes with getting rich
and richer in back-room wicked dealings
that are signed sealed delivered to the public with lies
by the decider dictating dirty dastardly deeds
that sucks the life out of billions in dire need
to fulfill his own personal greed
and include the ultra right-wing nationalist regime
profiting from perpetrating violence nearly 7 years
fouled and fouling the world big-time almost 8
number 1 in the world at everything nasty
from greatest debtor nation to highest in air pollution
to non-violent prisoners populating penal institutions
and gubernatorial death row executions...

Private Barger
Bush is so greasy and derelict of duty
like driving the worse US bus in history
straight from the 1890's and 1950's junkers
dented sideswiped hood and trunk crushed
wheels warped out of alignment a rust bucket
with a pitted paint coverup good try job
oil leaker loudest engine backfirer
like machine gun bullets raking up and down the blocks
blows bellowing black clouds of smoke
choking everyone in the environment
and riding on 4 bald tires
with head-lights off and brakes so soft
hightailing it down the dark wavy road
war in Afghanistan and Iraq
and unlimited weapons and bulldozer deliveries to Israel
used to exterminate the Palestinians
all hazardous to the US and world peoples being put in peril
neocons lost control are out of their minds' and senses
no bodily functions and the packed passengers are panicked
must be commandeered with Mercurial speed
taken OUT OF SERVICE swift as can be!”....