Blackwing X

A Philosophical And Critical Look At The Violent Hijacking Episode Of MV Mavi Marmara

MV Mavi Marmara sleek Turkish ferry
transformed into the flagship of an international peace flotilla
founded by two organizations IHH and The Free Gaza Movement
united together with a mission to non-violently defy and break
a mighty harsh illegally imposed Israeli blockade
to free at last
free at last
free free free Gaza
free free at last!

And so May-31-2010 was the time to free Gaza Palestine friend
plus deliver 10,000 necessary tons of a few miscellaneous items
food clothing medicine for sustainment
building materials to repair infrastructure
and rebuild homes bombed to smithereens
2 years prior for 22 days straight
in the condemned Israeli Operation Cast Lead...
and personally give a tidbit of joy with some feel-good goods
candy cookies crayons and toys
for a minute fraction out of 1½ million downtrodden peoples'
little girls and boys
who are forced to live literally in an open air prison camp
suffering in dire poverty with small quantities of fuel
and minimal electric
and no complaints cause the dreaded sword of Damocles
hangs over Gaza's head ready to cleave down hard and dead

And so Israel vowed to foil any attempt to break the Gaza blockade
and allow the passage of humanitarian people and aid
at best Mavi Marmara and flotilla would be forced to submit
to hijack and towed to port Ashdod
and like many times before the harmless cargo defiled, pilfered
left on the dock to spoil
and relief workers would be humiliated deported
no doubt the Free Gaza Palestine cause in jeopardy
perhaps gone and lost...


Oh so determined to be free
the flotilla sailed onward
over the foreboding dark eastern-Mediterranean sea
expecting any hour the Israelis show-up
to flex their blood-let might...

People solemnly prayed “Allahu Akbar
give us courage and cunning if forced to fight
give us strength and stamina when in battle
give us power 'till the final hour
when we celebrate Mother Jihad victory
forever liberated lives living in peace freedom and ecstasy!”

No doubt hundreds felt morbid
the air was thick with doom
how heavy hearts feel so filled with gloom
it's very clear perfect peaceful people are doing no harm
when like a mirage from out the blackness of night
the dreaded Israeli premonition comes in sight
frigates with guided missiles, Corvettes with cannons
Zodiac swift-boats carrying torpedos and machine guns
40 of them cruise toward the vulnerable flotilla
all radio phones and www transmissions jammed
communications shut-down cold
“Operation Sea Breeze” “Operation Sky Wind” simultaneously unfolds

The Corvette in a moment off the bow and starboard
switches on high luminous search lights
blinding beams scan decks surveilling agitated passengers
and blaring out the P-A system Nazi like barks “HALT!
turn back or submit to HIJACK!”

The cry in reply came out in unison “NO NO NO NO NO WAY!”
and in just one split second a squad of 3 deafening Sea Knight choppers
(American made) each carrying 13 to 15
elite “Shayetet Thirteens” commandos
fly in hovering over Mavi Marmara
as shots ring-out rakes Captain's bridge
drills metal glass flesh and bone
and then one unsuspecting volunteer with stick in hand
got sniped in the skull
and then bullets flying all around
smoke canisters, tear gas lobbed on deck stern to bow
choppers whirling blades dissipates the smoke and CS gas fast
and people escape breathing the toxics directly in the sinus passages
unfortunately clothes skin and hair drenched
in a mix of sea spray and caustic chemicals
and no one escapes from sound and percussion grenades' blasts
that send shock waves which weaken discombobulate

In a wink the Shayetets rapidly repel down ropes
like pirates of old landing on their foe to shoot slash stab cut-throat
and Zodiacs close in quick, stern, port, starboard
commandos scurry up hull with grapple-hook ladders
defenders direct fire hoses, deck chairs, tomatoes
anything non-violent volunteers could get their hands on
rain down in a brief storm resists the mad boarders!
but protected under helmets military combat garb and gear
Shayetets scale the safety rails easily
opening up with a barrage of heavy impact paintballs
packed with crushed silica
and high velocity plastic projectiles and rubber coated steel bullets
plus tasers (all this hardware considered non-lethal
bull bull bullshit commonly blinds maims kills!)

Incredibly for a few brief moments Mavi Marmara's aboriginal like fighters
are fending off their bestial attackers winning the rumble
two Shayetet Thirteens immediately thrown down to lower decks
three over-powered disarmed
their deadly weapons tossed into the sea (a real insurance policy
they shall never be fired to cripple and kill again)
but Shayetets had enough of shooting goofy paintballs
enough Disney kids' crap for crowd control like at neoliberal demos
cause the pirates are scared of being overwhelmed tackled subdued
cause pirates pack guns and have no reservations pulling triggers
now no escape for flailing arms and fists flying in their faces
Israelis open-up with automatic 50 caliber Uzis
and 9-mm Glocks all loaded with full metal jackets...

By the end of the hijack when the shooting ceased
at least 9 humanitarians were deceased
however the total number of fatalities are in question
may be as high or exceed 19
as passengers are unaccounted for and missing
(eye witnesses saw dead or dying bodies being dumped overboard
just like the mob doing away with executed corpses y'all)
50 were wounded 26 critical, 5 of the known 9
shot point blank range numerous times
including one young American teenager
shot in the head heart arms legs face...

It is documented before the Gaza Peace Flotilla set sail
NATO inspectors verified by independent witnesses
(and no doubt Israeli Mossad agents
were looking over everyones shoulders and taking notes)
no handguns or weapons of any kind were smuggled on any boat
so Israeli accusations are total totally false fabrications,,,
the alleged galley knife is a cooking utensil
crafted to slice and dice meats, fruits, vegetables
not meant for hunting or self defense
certainly not designed nor intended to use in combat
and makeshift sawed off handrails
used as sticks or clubs can hardly be called weapons
in fact more like primitive agricultural implements
plus fending off 21st century pirates with sticks, clubs, chains
got to be a last ditch attempt to save a comrade's life
but really is committing suicide...

The defenders who came to Mavi Marmara's rescue
did good to fight with brave-hearts' and essentially plain fists
but had no chance against the baddest Israeli pirates
so with honor never gave up the fight to the finish
tragically slain and martyred in spirit
for the cause and the good of the globe
a free free free Gaza

By various eyewitness accounts the hijack took between 45
and 120 minutes from the initial boarding
to when the rampage had finally ended
it all happened well after the age-old white flag
symbol of surrender was waving...
so so sad and bitter the peace flotilla got foiled
for the IHH and Free Gaza Movement were in a dreadful state of turmoil
as captured prisoners who were maimed in shock grieving
would begin a new experience, a higher level of IDF vulgarness
and endure uncalled for unwonted, the utmost in abominable behavior
being met with an awful amount of pain and punishment
at the iron hands dripping with fresh blood
sadistic masters in terror and torture Israeli hijackers!
and so hundreds survivors for the next 12 hours
went on a woebegone journey of living hell
on their way to port Ashdod, for the entire trip passengers subjected
to random barbaric beatings including breaking of bones
but what's in store for the captive peoples
go beyond humiliation for sure...

To begin with standing over their gunshot victims bodies
so many innocent people plugged with holes
Israelis intentionally letting them bleed to death y'all
cause there was no attempt by Shayetets to help wounded at all
on the contrary the gunshot would be the brunt of contempt
and further egregious conduct, like serious physical abuse
for instance stomping on a gunshot victims' torn-up thigh
aggravating the heinous crimes
and the pirates were always sick with Jolly Roger HA HA HA laughter
apparently something other than people, real creepy jokers
having themselves diabolical fun filled with joy

It didn't matter whether human-rights activist volunteers
were old or young man or woman
when Mavi Marmara was finally seized
everyone got the basic low low low treatment...
imagine elder people including the hobbled
as well as those bound to wheelchairs pushed shoved jostled
slapped punched kicked and cuffed in plastic lock-straps or metal
feet were tied tight together, so tight blood circulation cut off
and then made to kneel for hours, people pleading for looser straps
cries go ignored or in some instances straps synched snugger
cause by then with all the swelling damage is done
sadly the loss of feeling in hands and fingers gone numb...
and so could not relieve themselves some forced to wet their pants
all the while the Shayetet 13's mocks taunts laughs
at journalist dignitaries government officials peace prize winners
caring respectful decent compassionate individuals
roll model citizens for millions with giant hearts
from around the globe (37 countries in all)
humiliated punched kicked beaten by the IDF hoodlums
no different than Adolph Hitlers gestapo SS henchmen
no different than Al Capone's mafioso hit-men...

Back in Ashdod Shayetet 13s greeted as heros
with nationalistic fervor Israeli zealots cheers
(at the same time being vilified all around the world
for their outrageous act of piracy!)
and in total disregard of Geneva Conventions
as well as Amnesty International human rights declarations
the Mavi Marmara passenger-prisoners appear and paraded past
the charged-up with dynamite-hate crowd
as choruses of ominous vengeful jeers discharges real loud...
this is societal psychosis kill steal burn and lynch by mob rule
is the A- OK mentality and most dominant personality of Israel...

Incarcerated by the bad men and even badder women dressed in blue
down by the penitentiary the jailers and police
taking pleasure serving up verbal abuse
derogatory comments obscene sexual remarks
as man woman child dehumanized treated like cattle
administered the routine invasive body searches
but for the unlucky, extreme “rape pat-downs”
looks and probes in anal and vaginal canals
numerous times over and over again
looking for what weapons drugs, bombs?
and prison guards delight in their cruel humiliations
escorting women especially Islamic so sensitive about their privacy
are forced to be watched as they undress to go to the shower and latrine
with HA HA HA laughter defiled demeaned
and again and again and again men
randomly HA HA kicked punched beaten bones broken
this is standard protocol, this is pure wicked evil
sinking to the pinnacle of immorality
this is the pirate, this is the rogue, this is the psychotic state Israel!

Passengers personal belongings including generous amounts
of cash contributions to charities confiscated
as well as passports i.d. cards drivers licenses'
photographs videos cell phones laptops and cameras
everything is stolen in a hijack including the boats
and folks what little that might be given back
very likely either a corpse (a good chance minus organs) or broke

Prisoners phone calls are verboten
no contact at all to the outside world
family left suspended inside a black-hole
worrying themselves sick with disease and medical emergencies
like insulin-shock heart attack stroke
imagining not knowing your closest relative's whereabouts
and present state of health!
whether they are living dying or dead gone
and the dear prisoner innocent in the eyes of the world
who's put in isolation for an hour a day or week
not knowing their own fate on planet earth
without a doubt 10 times more agonizing
than bound to water-board and tortured

For up to 5 days of illegal incarceration
with relentless abhorrent physical and verbal abuse
finally BiBi's order comes for the prisoners deportation
via B Gurion to Istanbul
however in order to be released, while at the airport
IHH and Free Gaza Movement detainees signatures' demanded
on paperwork written only in Hebrew
and with no translations for any of the other 37 spoken languages
no doubt there were bogus admissions of guilt
makes the hijacking episode that really is (treif) filth
into a (kosher) clean and legal escapade
and all throughout the preposterous B Gurion airport charade
for their pleasure IDF dish out plenty of obscenities and punches
and then some more dangerous punishment
the wait for hours exposed in the hot sun on the hot asphalt tarmac
with no water, where relief aid-workers received first degree burns!
and while about to step aboard the jets going home
more verbal and physical assaults
and yet another form of torture, just for spite
the long long long wait in a cramped airbus from day to past midnight
finally shalom, cleared for takeoff and flight!...

In various parts of the world peoples took to the streets
in response to Israel's hijack of the MV Mavi Marmara
some express their anger chanting “DOWN WITH ISRAEL!”
and burn the Israeli flag
others vent their rage by going on a riot to raze
Israeli embassies and consulates

The UNHRC report was finally written
with condemnation of Israel
guilty for committing crimes against humanity from A to Z
like so many times before Mavi Marmara
IDF illegal violent operations are in fact massacres
never showing mercy even to babies!

So what will it take to break the blockade and free tiny Gaza?
at least 100 but more like 500 to 1,000 peace boats from around the planet
represented by every country that condemns Israel
escorted by a naval armada of cruisers battleships and aircraft carriers
and for protection from the Israeli bandits in the sky
an air armada consists of AWACS, Nighthawks, Super Hornets, Rafters
Thunderbolts F15s and 35s...
perhaps Israel would stand down to so formidable sea flotilla
and air armada, then Gaza would be free
perhaps Israel would decide to nuke the flotilla into vapor
perhaps Israel would trigger Armageddon or WWIII

However one thing is certain 100% guaranteed
there will never be peace for Israel and Jews
Christians Arabs and Muslims in the Middle-east
until the one moral thing to do be done now