Blackwing X

Bad Dream Ramble 2008 (Society At A Critical State!)

Bush's grip eight long years by iron and bloody actions
dishing out physical punishment and psychological shenanigans
2-4-7 night and day wake me out of this long bad dream 2008...

Burning up gasoline driving a rust bucket V8 Oldsmobile
trying to find a way out of the labyrinth of streets and alleyways
with so many construction zones and detours
no exit to be found...
take sharp left then hard right go straight
thru to next traffic light
come to T avoid jam
u-turn forward to circle round round round
going backward south-bound
engine sputtering starting to stall no fuel
rolling to a full stop at the end of a dead-end road
bumper stuck tight against a stone wall...

Lost in AmeriCo's rat maze
a concrete jungle filled with pollution
there's an angry pig on guard in front of every door
hands are twitching on guns half-drawn
and Blackwater death squads at each corner in bad moods
armed in full combat gear helmet to boots
scanning crowds taking notes of skin tones hair textures etc
eyeballing the locomotion as decent pedestrians passes by
come expressions of ugly hate and obnoxious oinking sounds
and woe for folks who wear garments exotic or alien
such as hijab niqab burqua or turban
like Nazis a tirade of arrogant barks spew forth 'halt or die'
and like hungry hawks hunting hare
zeroing in on its prey in one quick pounce talons snare
swept away for breakfast
never dare burst out loud and laugh in their snorting faces
best reason to lighten up their day
treated like Alcaeda shot dead on the spot at point blank range

So sad society got robbed with the race to the bottom
too many non-sustainable endeavors
such as the gov's endless wars and occupations
greedy capitalists on Wall street shuffling papers
trading for obscene profits in food and fossil fuel futures
as the demand multiplies and the supplies dwindles
the price of stocks surges up up up
humanity tied-up with rope lashed on a dreadful treadmill
trying to make a lousy buck
with record breaking layoffs
juggling jobs lucky to be under-employed
struggling with monthly mortgage payments
penalties compounding interest rates soar
skyrocketing health home auto insurance
premiums surcharges fees fees fees
like salt rubbed into open wounds
as the economy crashes inflation taxes rises off spreadsheets
wallet eaten cleanup at the pump
and for very last bag of groceries

The end of fun no where to run no place to hide
kids and wife exhausted
the loans and credit shot
now so broke lost our clothes naked exposed homeless
living out on the stone cold pavement
it's a rapidly decayed State sick like never before
caught and mashing between a giant rock the Church
and extreme hard place AmeriCo for sure

Think about it

The former break a puritan rule
people got tortured and burned at the stake
it damns the downtrodden to live in misery
as an outcast by "god" for life...
the latter persecutes poor peoples mostly of color
sends large populations perfect nonviolent off to the cooler
both oppressive institutions proved from time immemorial
absolutely corrupt rotten to the core
always inflicting anguish creating woe
no wonder why AmeriCo such a miserable miscarriage
parishioners of The Church same hypocritical reps for The State
there is no separation it's one and the same
imploding exploding genocide

And so with free spirit nature and will
must hoist my black flag high high high
waving in the wild wind is all my pride
resisting AmeriCo's poisonous political pills
and utmost destruction of planet earth
along with The Churches' hierarchical order
how low can they go raping our young sons and daughters

So with no escape day or night
in this bad bad bad dream ramble
must stay strong solid stand tall
fight back and speak from my wits
what makes sense TRUTH y'all

With pens in clenched fists saluting the sky
resolved to see the day with my naked eye
(today would not be soon enough!)
death to religion and the gov


ANARCHY now is essential
as a new start is vital for survival
without god law army police
to get in our way and fuckup things
cause there's nothing to be afraid of
evolving together in harmony
as equals going with the flow in bliss!
healing up our planet united We The People
crafting a perfect utopia
a New North American Land cornucopia
society homogenous and diverse
Free For All And All For Free
filled to the brim with fresh fragrances of peace
and cascading over the rim copious bubbling
sweet sweet sweet love....