Blackwing X

Charlie Company Last Mission

Six months in six months to go
an army discharge than homeward bound
retired a civilian see after the kiddies and Mrs.
get on with life business as usual
is in the back of most grunts minds'

Charlie Company first Marine battalion
just received orders
mop-up the city of Falluja

Little did they know how hard it would be
bust down every door on Abu Street
search the premises for suspect terrorists
that survived the air and artillery assaults

First twelve apartments
no inhabitants no problem no resistance
then at unlucky 13 their first and last incident
crashing through the busted front door
scrambling into the chaotic innards
Sergeant Striker Privates Barger Savage and Slaughter
encounters Faisal slumped in a corner

An Arab male about 40 homeless became a rebel
wounded bleeding profuse from hands and face
with AK-47 slung across his waist
awoken in the commotion barely the strength
from his stupor struggles to raise a blood crusted eye lid

Through bloody blurry visions
sees three invader heathens creep in close
so with one last ounce of energy cries out loud
Allahhu Akbar and pulls the trigger proud
the trusting AK-47 blasting wildly from his hip
shot Sergeant Striker down dead in the heart
Savage and Slaughter winged in the arms dropped to the floor
but miraculous missed his front target
Barger praise the lord!

Magazine spent Faisal fell comatose
Striker shot dead Savage and Slaughter
their arms stump and pulp
screaming bloody murder murder murder!

Barger instant insane took point blank aim
at the lifeless form unloaded his clip
flesh gut bone brain blood
shellacked all over the chaotic innards
of unlucky number 13 Abu Street

That was it Barger flipped crashed into the wall
head snapped in disdain and disgust
voice inside says “listen up enough is enough

Mind made up resolute for sure
laid down his gun and swore
not ever kill another human being again no more
enthusiastic quit his tour
Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom....