Blackwing X

Bomb Blast In Central Baghdad

The blast bellowed throughout central Baghdad
7:45 A.M. when police officers frequently stop
for beans and egg breakfast
at the local Abu Nuwas restaurant

As the story goes
a big burly rude and surly guard at the door
began poking fun in sadistic jest
jabbing his stubby fingers into the man's chest
looking down his fat nostrils snorted
“what you want sandnigga?
show your I.D. papers shorty!”
snoting and slobbering spit in the man's face

Shaken with rage the suicide bomber
Muhammad Allah in reply cried
“what I got infidel bastard motherfucker
for all that hateful racist violent behavior
will blow that worthless crap made in America
Kevlar helmet and filthy pig head
clean off those fat swine's shoulders”...

And as the verbal vehemence came to the end
so had come the ecstatic press on the button
wired to a buckle cinching the harness
on his carefully constructed camouflage
heavy laden bomb vest

And there it goes the frightfully familiar
orange flash fire eardrum splitting wham
flying molten steel ball bearings shards of glass
broken plates mangled silverware
bits and pieces tables and chairs

Greases himself the burly bigot pig
56 diners police ripped to shreds
the famous Abu Nuwas entirely gutted as well
the carnage more violent than hell

First responders on the scene witnesses to the gore
carry half living body parts
strewn upon the walls and floor
out through the twisted blown-up front door
into ambulances rushed down "Highway of Death"
final destination the morgue
where thirty-four corpses identified
twenty-four remains unknown

One suicide bomber dies for glory martyred
fifty-seven cops slaughtered for a lost cause honored
the violent vortex spiraling down deeper deeper deeper
catastrophic Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom....