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Dramatic Video and Audio Story of The BP (Bastard Pricks Oil Company) Deep Water Horizon Drilling Rig Blowout

These videos and audio stories have been picked as carefully as possible for the best content quality. If you begin with the first part of 60 Minutes interview with survivor Mike Williams who was on the Deep Water Horizon when it exploded and continue up the next entered blog videos you will see in sequence the explosion its aftermath commentary and ending with 2 audio journal pieces from An interview wiith Dahr Jamai stellar Indy journalist who is reporting on the scene in the Gulf of Mexico August 18, '10 and the last entry Dispersants 101 (August 22, '10). A very decent made journalist collage radio show summing the BP blowout...

The Launch Of Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom March 20, 2003

So cruel premeditated mass murder and state crimes against humanity how low can AmeriCo go? Is Iran the next country connected to the thin red line to be nuked in shock and awe?

On 9-11 World Trade Twin Towers Explode Then Collapse

And the blame was placed on Osama Bin Laden Saddam Hussein Arabs and Islam. And the blame was based on lies. The truth is 9-11 was a conspiracy inside job Al-c-i-a-da and the Mossad. Which AmeriCon superiors and Israeliens gave the orders to do the dirty deeds? Were they Bush Cheney the PentaCon and Ehud Barak Shimon Peres and Bibi?