Blackwing X

A Bizarre Story: USA Immigration Policies Fact Or Fiction?

A 15 year old Afghani won a parochial school scholarship
and student visa to the United States of America...
doing well and with only a few days left before the end
of the semester commencing summer's vacation
he accidently crashed his word software document
and with no backup or print copy could not recover the content
thus lost his term-paper forever...

So fearful to face the teacher then forced to meet
the headmaster with so lame excuse
knowing very well he 'd be maliciously balled-out demeaned
not only for the accidental crash
but for having a darker shade of white skin...
rather than submit to disgusting racist ridicule
verbal assaults and physical abuse
made up his sane mind
better avoid the scum headmaster
not meeting nor telling no doubt means failing and left behind
resigned to go to shit summer school
happening to know the head-bastard is away for sabbatical
then yea become a junior get the hell out of America in the fall
and take the trip back for good to Kabul

However by mid-summer feeling so free he just got careless
started becoming tardy then skipping classes
day after merrily day straying farther
into his own fantastic play world
was gone gone gone far too long
got lost neglected his visa re-registration
expiring in violation of miscellaneous ordinances
Departments of Ed and ICE
and thus the teen tagged truant with “terrorist tendencies”
just for spite labeled “rabid mongrel dog”
the highest risk to Homeland security
all unbeknownst to the carefree peace loving Afghani
now a dangerous criminal fugitive dog on the run
wanted at any price slated for deportation to Uzbekistan
to be tortured but now faces something much much worse...

And so finally the heartless NSA track him down first
home alone in his bedroom playing fantasy video games
when all of a sudden BLAM the front door burst
teams of angry looking like Hitler's Nazi Gestapo
clad in black suits made of Kevlar armor head to toe
rush the interior Glocks firing hunting their mongrel dog
who cowering in a corner not knowing “oh Jeezus
Christ what's gone wrong?” can't hide his whimpers
caught by the bully law enforcers
who grapples and pummels the boy flat to the floor
he gives it up sobbing “uncle had enough beating no more!”
as tears streak down black and blue cheeks
only to be stripped naked
then restrained in handcuffs leg-irons and blindfold
dragged away by his coarse gruff
shoved into a Hummer whisked off in secret
to a private owned pound
a concentration camp deep in the heart of the hinterland
made exclusively for "rabid dog terrorists and illegal aliens"...

So the busted school boy hurt humiliated
handed over to USA-Blackwater INC
who's holding him as a prisoner enemy combatant
as two big beefy guards licking their greasy cannibal chops
muttering to themselves “this looks like ice-cream cake
with cherries on top”
so eager to do their duty and devour the wispy kid for dessert

Thrown in a wire cage lock-up
hung by chains upside-down
in extremities stress positions
doused with ice-cold water
given a strapping that slices through his skin...
shoulders finally dislocated from the forces
of anti-gravity pressuring
his legs twisted out of sockets
quick as wink left for dead howling
in no time soon calls from the orderlies
“euthanasia coming!”
as a bowl of bitter pills coated with bone arrives
there's no pity for their Afghani dog
who cherishes his final bites
chewing the chow packed with cyanide to die

Woe another foaming choking convulsive seizure
a poisoned end to inhumane treatment and torture
and with all the compounding bone fractures
it's a weird and wild pre-meditated made in America murder...

And so the youth's tragic accident
crashing his software not backing-up content
so lost forever that paper
and chose to stand the best way he can rather than crawl
like a dog on the floor on hands and knees
licking at the headmaster's shoes soles and heels
“sir give me an extra chance please?” for what?
no fucking way!
not to a white supremacist filled with hate
consequently a carcass “John Doe” not claimed
the final solution incineration more air pollution friend...

The cage now vacant with no trace of the disappeared
and so make way for a young stray Bangladeshi
just got nabbed for waiting on tables by ICE
had no i.d. tags no green card
work permit passport papers or cash
hired though for good dependable service with livable wage
but forced inside a muzzle and hood
cuffed shackled and snatched away
the youth's yelps smothered panicking screams muffled
gut-wrenching growls through clenched teeth
“turn me loose motherfuckers please!”

On the first and last delirious ride as a secret detainee
for upon arrival awaits the sinister looking orderly
who loves to dish out plenty of beatings
non-stop for hours and days
before rewarding the driven insane half-dead stray
a bowl of treats soaked with cyanide poison
ending the poor little pup's immigrant life
of punishment pain and suffering....